Stantec Treatment demonstrates ROI and saves over £4.4M in one year using BIM 360 solutions

Autodesk helps deploy BIM 360 across Stantec’s UK construction business, helping realize a 7.3 percent weekly time savings, and reducing rework costs by 11.1 percent.

Sweco saves 150 hours each week on the Bergen Light Rail project using the Forge cloud platform

Autodesk helps the innovative engineering firm to deliver top-notch results and see an impressive post-adoption ROI.

In 3 days, McCarthy gets full design buy-in on hospital project with 3ds Max & VR technology

By working closely with Autodesk and strategically leveraging Revit and 3ds Max, McCarthy saved both money and time on the Providence Tarzana Medical Center project.

SNC-Lavalin’s Clean Power Group improves workflows on a $10.7 billion project with BIM 360 Docs

Autodesk software saves the company up to 20 hours per week on administrative tasks during the hydro-electric project.

McCarthy saves 8 hours a day with BIM 360 Design on Washington University construction project

Leveraging its EBA with Autodesk, McCarthy improved its workflows and BIM execution through the successful partnership.

CannonDesign accelerates VR workflow by 150% using 3ds Max

Autodesk partners with CannonDesign to develop a custom utility that improves VR prep time and makes room for continued innovation.

Dura Vermeer Infra division slashes tender time by 50% with 3D contextual models

Autodesk partners with EBA customer Dura Vermeer on a company-wide BIM transformation to improve construction business, and drive risk scenario mitigation.

NBBJ uses Insight to gain ground on implementing Building Energy Models for over 50% of projects

Autodesk tools help NBBJ stay on track with its AIA 2030 Commitment.

AECOM Beijing reduces modeling time by more than 2 months after Dynamo software integration

By introducing Dynamo to the team's workflow, AECOM Beijing won new work, improved its reputation, and saved time.