OuyOut creates a ReCap 3D scan in 1 day, saving months of data gathering work on a green building remodel

Thanks to the Autodesk Services Marketplace and Autodesk Partner Graitec, OuyOut gained new skills for efficient building design on a historic renovation in Champagne, France.

BAM uses Digital Twin to reduce ProRail’s two-weekend possessions to one

BAM demonstrated true dedication to its promise, “We build it before we build it,” by using 3D solutions and BIM 360—saving time assembling a complex bridge design.

Dura Vermeer reduces time to construction by 25% using Autodesk BIM 360 Design

The building division at Dura Vermeer uses a coordinated, multi-disciplinary approach to engineering and pre-construction achieving incredible time savings through the Autodesk partnership.

Skanska uses BIM 360 and Forge to help digitize the entire company, cutting future construction time by 25%

A strategic partnership with Autodesk is helping Skanska save time and money while improving health and safety for employees—forging a new, digital path in construction.

BAM Construction reduces inspection times by 50% through BIM 360 and reverse mentoring

To achieve full digitization of the English Martyrs School project, BAM Construction devised a reverse mentoring program to upskill current employees and train the next generation of construction workers.

With Revit and Insight, D/P/S saves a client $2.5 million over a 30 year period with net-zero building solutions

The New-Mexico-based architecture firm uses Autodesk solutions during the design phase to maximize both energy efficiency and costs.

BAM Ireland improves quality and safety by 20% using BIM 360 and Construction IQ

BAM Ireland, an operating company of Royal BAM Group, greatly improves risk visibility, site safety, quality, and data capture by leveraging Autodesk solutions.

Cardno delights clients and reduces engagement time from 3 meetings to 1 using InfraWorks

Partnering with Autodesk gave Cardno a way to improve how it communicated design intent to stakeholders: creating compelling visualizations in 3D.

GHD saves over 50% of its time with data-driven, automated workflows for Master Planning

Adopting automation capabilities gives GHD’s Master Planning teams more time for innovation and creativity.