Schneider Electric leverages Moldflow to reduce product time to market by 50%

by Hector Ortiz, Customer Success Manager, and Val Maass, Copywriter on February 23, 2018


In an effort to minimize the length of the customer’s product lifecycle, Autodesk is working with Schneider to shorten pre-production, enhance staff knowledge and productivity, and maximize its use of Moldflow products.

Customer Background and Goals

Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and automation that delivers connected energy and efficiency solutions to more than 100 countries. Founded more than 180 years ago, the company is headquartered outside of Paris and employs approximately 150,000 people worldwide. With a mission to simplify its customers’ lives, Schneider develops innovative products and solutions that drive new possibilities for efficiency and savings. The company’s areas of focus include power, process, and machines management; IT room, building, and security management; industrial software design, simulation, and optimization; industrial automation; and control and safety systems and instrumentation.

Schneider wanted to shorten the length of its product development, which would require them to meet several other goals: to decrease workloads for their in-house design experts; to increase the number of Autodesk® Moldflow® (Insight and Adviser) users; and to boost annual Adviser usage.

Success Story

Challenge: The customer’s challenge was the amount of time necessary to take projects (phases or complete projects) from design to production. The process required all designs to be validated by design experts and then returned for improvements based on their feedback. The validation process was identified as an area for improvement to resolve issues earlier in the process.

Solution: To optimize Schneider’s validation process, Autodesk set out to decrease the experts’ demanding workload—by expanding the designers’ software confidence and capabilities. The Autodesk team delivered several instructional presentations to the Schneider staff, including a Moldflow Insight Warp Best Practices webinar and a Moldflow Adviser Flow Introduction webinar. Presented as two live sessions in the North America (AMER) and Europe (EMEA) regions, the Warp webinar focused on increasing the teams’ facility with the software and provided users with a reference guide/cheat sheet. What’s more, a single live Adviser session introduced potential new users in the EMEA region to its capabilities, applications, and best practices.

Success: Because the overall goal was to reduce product design cycle time, success involved perfecting the existing process. With their expanded confidence and capabilities, the designers are now able to carry out most common types of analyses on their own, while only a select few analyses that need expert review are sent for validation—significantly reducing their workload. This is a win-win scenario for everyone, as it helps designers learn new skills, lessens the experts’ repetitive work, and most importantly, saves time for everyone involved. Designers spend less time sending designs to be validated and then making changes, while the expert team spends less time validating these designs and can focus on more pressing requirements of their role.

What’s more, the adoption of simulation in the early stages of the product development has helped reduce the time required to develop new products. Designs can now be optimized by designers before going to an expert for more in-depth analysis, and fewer design iterations are required to arrive at the final result. In fact, following the introduction of simulation models, the customer saved as much as two to three weeks on some projects.

“The cycle time for getting a design ready is very important for us. Using simulation from the beginning of the project has helped save between two and three weeks.”
Silvestre Cano, Rheology Domain Leader, End User Business Group, Schneider Electric

Video by Hector Ortiz, Mark Hennebicque, Sarah McCarthy, and Steve Slack.

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