Arcadis adopts the BIM 360 platform through Autodesk partnership, improving workflow efficiency

by Zahra Manshande, Customer Success Manager and Heather Howe, Marketing Editor on October 02, 2019


Arcadis is the leading, global design and consultancy firm for natural and built assets. To be competitive in the global market, they recognize that the most up-to-date technical solutions and ways to continuously improve efficiency are needed. The company has deep market-sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project, and management services. Using these strengths, Arcadis partners with clients to deliver exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the lifecycle of their natural and built assets. Arcadis consists of 27,000 people, active in over 70 countries that generate €3.2 billion in revenue.

For over a year, several different teams within Arcadis’ Manila support network used different software, making cross-collaboration difficult. Through a close partnership with Autodesk, the team decided Autodesk® BIM 360® Design and Autodesk® BIM 360® Docs software would be the best solution to get all offices working together seamlessly. 


The multi-disciplinary team in Manila consists of colleagues who offer shared services, cost and commercial management, and technical support to colleagues across Arcadis. For Manila, effective collaboration is essential. At the time, teams used different software and lacked the ability to share data and files between multiple platforms, causing them to lose valuable working time. They needed a way to improve workflows between offices across the globe.

In addition to collaboration challenges, the team in Manila faced stability concerns with its Revit server. Maintaining the infrastructure of the server was costly, and they needed an innovative solution to reduce costs.


To promote global collaboration, Arcadis leveraged its trusted partnership with Autodesk and made the corporate decision to adopt BIM 360 as its default platform for Engineering and Design. The Manila team was instrumental in driving adoption and worked with the team at Autodesk to run tech talks and webinars promoting the use of BIM 360 Design and BIM 360 Docs internally. 

Seamless software adoption is no simple task, and occasionally technical issues arose. Autodesk team members made themselves immediately available to resolve issues and maintained communication until the problems were resolved. Autodesk also assisted in training and developing best practice collaboration workflows to help teams see the benefit of BIM 360 Design.

Because the BIM 360 platform was new to teams in Australia, Hong Kong, and the Middle East, Autodesk provided additional support by sampling the software on certain projects. This helped demonstrate the benefits and drove adoption further.


Today, colleagues across Arcadis use BIM 360 Docs on a daily basis. Individual users who initially hesitated gave the software a try and stated they never wanted to return to the old workflow that included excess paperwork and printing PDFs and other documents. The offices supported by the team in Manila have moved from using three different platforms to collaborating on a single platform. Today, nearly all new projects are started using BIM 360 capabilities. The Arcadis teams noted that training users on BIM 360 is much simpler than the old way of working.

BIM 360 software allows users to collaborate in real-time in the digital world, making markups to designs without printing paper. The BIM platform automatically keeps records, eliminating the need for a paper trail. The designs are available to team members beyond the model-authors, allowing any user to have access and review the design. Even the least “tech-savvy” users found the BIM 360 platform intuitive and easy to navigate. As a global company, the ability for Arcadis colleagues to collaborate in a streamlined fashion is invaluable.

The previous Revit server required ongoing maintenance from the IT department. Now with BIM 360 Docs and Design, the Manila IT team has reduced their reliance on physical servers significantly, freeing them up to support other colleagues, and saving time and money.

Above all, the partnership between Arcadis and Autodesk generated the most benefit. By working closely together, the Arcadis teams gained the ability to transition software users easily, troubleshoot issues quickly, and continue on the path toward innovation in all areas of the business.

Anthony Lapierre; Image courtesy Arcadis

“As a team working in collaboration with other colleagues across the globe, it's essential for our Manila colleagues to develop a relationship with vendors like Autodesk. Working closely with vendors like Autodesk will ensure our global BIM implementation team is updated with the latest developments – it enables us to become experts on the platform. I would say this engagement has been essential.”

- Anthony Lapierre, Regional BIM Manager, Arcadis

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