AECOM Beijing reduces modeling time by more than 2 months after Dynamo software integration

by Xinhua Duan, Premium Support Specialist, and Heather Howe, Marketing Editor on September 25, 2018


AECOM Beijing was in the midst of a major building project, but design changes and a complex building profile created slow progress. Incorporating Autodesk® Dynamo® software gave the team a solution that was integrated quickly and easy to learn. The technology helped the Fortune 500 company improve both their project efficiency and their business reputation.


AECOM Beijing was midway through a four-building project. The buildings featured structural frames designed with slanted columns. Each column inclined at a unique angle. The buildings also featured curved floors composed of a series of short, curved beams. When the complex profile of the building required changes, the specifications of each column and curve were lost. Using current Revit capabilities, the architects had to manually recreate these conditions after each change was introduced. The team spent days checking for discrepancies, taking up valuable time.


AECOM needed a solution that saved man-hours and could be easily introduced during a major project. Autodesk presented them with Dynamo basic, custom nodes with Python, and a customized workflow. AECOM Beijing was able to learn the new Dynamo software quickly. As a result, the software integrated easily with current capabilities and pre-existing architectural designs.  


Dynamo software is able to seamlessly duplicate architectural geometry, reducing the chance of unwanted discrepancies between original specifications and improvements to a building’s profile. As a result, AECOM saw incredible savings in both man-hours and cost. Modeling curved beams previously took 30 or more days, and now took only two days. Prior to Dynamo adoption, designing slanted columns took three weeks and now took only one hour. Reviewing the design by the architectural team previously took up to two weeks, and now took zero hours. Consequently, AECOM completed three Dynamo workflows in one month.

The Beijing team was recently invited by another project’s owner to discuss an extremely long cantilever truss in a building. AECOM demonstrated their capabilities with complex geometry, using Dynamo to analyze all possibilities and quickly propose the most suitable solution. The project owner was impressed and chose them as the structural design team. The adoption of the Dynamo workflow lead to an increase in winning work and a well-deserved boost to the firm’s reputation.

“We could not imagine how we could finish the project without Dynamo. Dynamo is such an easy tool that our structural engineers who have zero script experience mastered and finalized all the workflows within one month, and the outcome is amazing. Dynamo is a phenomenal tool. You must use it to analyze and generate items in complex buildings. Parametrically managing all the data from Revit is just as easy as playing a game, and as interesting as playing a game when you see the members are generated automatically in front of the team.”

- Huiyuan Long, Technical Director, AECOM Beijing office BIM Manager


Images courtesy of AECOM Beijing

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