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VinZero U.S. CAD



For over 20 years, the brands under VinZero, including U.S. CAD, have been providing software solutions and professional services to the architectural, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries, helping them to understand the role of digitalization in the built environment. Businesses, both large and small, utilize VinZero’s dedicated industry experts to help navigate technologies as they emerge, driving efficiency and improving workflows. 

With a global focus on reducing emissions and an increased focus directed towards industry, VinZero is now turning our attention to providing the linkages between using technology to digitalize and, at the same time, leveraging the valuable data insights it brings to build more sustainably. VinZero is passionate about helping our customers understand how the technologies they use today can help them step towards net zero in the future and build a better world. To learn more, visit www.uscad.com.

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Autodesk Specialized Partners are distinguished by their dynamic capacity, capabilities, proven customer success, and service delivery excellence. Specializations differentiate Autodesk partners based on their proven ability to deliver on desired customer outcomes through three tiers of achievement: Associate, Expert, and Master.

Partners that have achieved a Master Specialization badge have met the highest Autodesk standards of proven customer success and service delivery expertise within a given specialized Autodesk product group.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction



These Autodesk Solutions have been identified by the Partner as solutions that they have expertise with and can support through their services organization.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Advance Steel
BIM 360
BIM 360 Build
BIM 360 Cost
BIM 360 Plan
BIM 360 Team
BIM Collaborate
Civil 3D
Dynamo Studio
Formit Pro
Point Layout
ReCap Pro
Vehicle Tracking

Product Design & Manufacturing


Media & Entertainment

3ds Max


Accreditation helps educate, measure, and recognize our partners and their consultants for investing in customer success practices and services delivery. Accreditation is earned by completing a knowledge check on the topic, delivering the service to a customer, and having a positive review on the service delivery.

Optimize Accelerators

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

  • BIM 360 Build Starter Pack
  • BIM 360 Design Starter Pack
  • BIM 360 Docs Starter Pack
  • Dynamo Starter Pack (Buildings)


  • Consulting Implementation Framework Overview
  • Coordinated Discovery Workshop Overview
  • Project Management Workshop Overview
  • Technical Product Support Accreditation

Success Stories

Explore documented success stories and testimonials featuring the value of Autodesk technology and Partner services delivered to solve for critical business requirements and desired customer outcomes.

How Hermanson Company Leverages Technology to Expand Services and Streamline Operations
Hermanson Co. provides mechanical contracting services primarily serving government and institutional sectors. Matt Cordova, Construction Technology Director, at Hermanson Co. understands that adopting new technology solutions is a dynamic endeavor and states, "Technology is always evolving and companies such as ours have to grow into it."With that in mind, Cordova is leading the adoption of Autodesk Build and transitioning from Autodesk BIM 360 and Autodesk PlanGrid. "Every workflow had to be reimagined without disrupting day-to-day operations, which was a monumental task," Cordova shares.
Capturing Reality: A Laser Focused Investment Reaps Big Rewards
Schemmer Associates, a full-service architectural, engineering and construction firm is best known for its comprehensive scope of service that ranges from design to construction across many market segments in the public and private sectors. Founded in 1959, we are grounded in our past but remain fully committed to the future. Located in four states and eight offices throughout the Midwest, Schemmer is providing services to clients from coast-to-coast and border-to-border across the United States. The need to collect as-built conditions quickly and more accurately caught the attention of Joshua Murphy, the BIM/CADD Manager at Schemmer Associates.
Engineering New Solutions for WSB
WSB is a civil engineering firm based in Twin Cities, Minnesota. They had been challenged with a new renewable-energy project for a solar farm. The solar panels needed to be placed at least 3 feet above the ground, but no more than 5 feet, so part of the design process was analyzing whether or not that condition was true, and whether or not that tolerance had been met. The challenging part was designing corrective grading when it wasn't within tolerance, since that can't be done dynamically.
How a Minneapolis Construction Firm Adopts Technology Strategically
Knutson Construction is a full-service construction firm based in Minneapolis, MN. They created a virtual design and construction division focused on identification and successful adoption of technology, lead by Katie Montag. "The focus before I joined was on coordination and clash detection. That was our bread and butter," Montag says. "To stay relevant and to continue growing, we needed to expand beyond that. A large component of my role is being able to be looking forward and looking out to what's next and what we can leverage to get ahead of the curve. It's unpredictable and changes every day, but that's where we want to be positioned so that we don't have to be reactive."
How Skyline Electric Made the Move to BIM
Skyline Electric realized that avoiding projects with BIM requirements was potentially costing them business. “The whole process seemed very daunting and we didn’t understand what BIM truly was,” said Brandon Willard, emerging technologies director for Skyline Electric, West Valley City, Utah. “We thought it was a software program and we were doing well in our niche markets, so it was one of those ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it’ mentalities.”
Parallel Technologies Partners to Deliver Fast-Track, Comprehensive Security Solution
When a premier client needed help designing a security solution for a large data center, Parallel Technologies needed a partner to help it scale up with ease. The new two-story 100 MW capacity facility included over one million sq. ft. of data center colocation space. John Ray, head of Design and Estimation, knew his team would need some help to meet the tight project timeline. Along with large scope and scale, the security systems had to be fully designed in Revit to facilitate clash detection.
Steinberg Hart Transforms Network Connectivity to Foster Improved Collaboration, Creativity and Connections
The rapid evolution of BIM and interoffice collaboration in the last five years has been a steep learning curve for many in the industry. By early 2019, Steinberg Hart needed to prepare for a new technology shift that would require some outside expertise. According to Gautam R. Shenoy, BIM/VDC Director at Steinberg Hart, a growing demand to use Autodesk BIM 360 web-based applications to streamline communication among customers and partners was emerging.


Large (100 or more employees)




  • English
  • Specialization

    Design & Manufacturing Cloud

    Design & Manufacturing Cloud specialized partners help customers optimize the Fusion 360 integrated CAD/CAM/CAE cloud-based platform for business process improvements including advanced design, advanced machining, and additive manufacturing to design for specific materials and manufacturing techniques, produce lighter, stronger, better performing parts, and reduce material wastage and cost.

    Building Architecture

    Building Architecture specialized partners are focused on Autodesk solutions and services to optimize building design through improved team collaboration, improved data handover, reduced overall design time and increased workoad capacity.

    Civil Infrastructure

    Civil Infrastructure specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for delivering successful advanced design projects that include roads, highways, bridges, railways, and/or water infrastructure requirements.

    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk BIM solutions to improve productivity, design and fabricate better building systems, create model-based project estimates, and efficiently add MEP components to designs.

    Plant Design

    Plant Design specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to design, build and operate high performing industrial and manufacturing plants.

    Structural Engineering & Fabrication

    Structural Engineering & Fabrication specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for effective design, detailing, and creation of parts, assemblies, building systems, or structures from steel, concrete, and other materials.

    Pre-Construction Design & Planning

    Pre-Construction Design & Planning specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver BIM design authoring and collaboration, project planning and coordination, BIM data management, quantification and bid management.

    Site Construction & Operations

    Site Construction & Operations specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver project management, cost management, field collaboration, quality and safety management, project closeout and facilities management.

    Advanced Materials Analysis

    Advanced Materials Analysis specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver advanced simulation, injection molding and progressive failure analysis.

    Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

    Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk digital manufacturing solutions to deliver additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, and generative design.

    Industrial Design & Visualization

    Industrial Design & Visualization specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to create, analyze, visualize, and communicate design intent and aesthetics before building a physical prototype including 3D virtual prototyping for automotive design.

    Product Design & Manufacturing

    Product Design & Manufacturing specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver product performance, operational efficiency, innovation capacity and simulation fundamentals including mechanical and fluid simulation, stress analysis and finite element analysis (FEA).

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to manage complex product information, engineering and manufacturing workflows, and enterprise-wide collaboration for all involved in the product lifecycle - from engineering and supply chain to quality and manufacturing.

    Advanced Design

    Advanced Design specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for simulation and generative design solutions to design and engineer products with optimized aesthetics, form, fit, and function.

    Advanced Machining

    Advanced Machining specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling additional high-end machining capabilities including advanced 3- and 5-axis strategies, toolpath optimization, and process automation.

    Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling machinery to produce lighter, stronger, and better performing parts whilst also reducing material wastage and cost.

    Advanced Mill Simulation

    Advanced Mill Simulation specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for post-processing, verification, and simulation using multi-axis milling machines.

    Media & Entertainment Industry

    Media & Entertainment Industry specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering.

    Production Management

    Media & Entertainment Production Management specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to streamline creative workflows, enable resources with superior project planning and scheduling capabilities, and keep teams connected and collaborating in the cloud anytime, anywhere.