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Team D3



As Business Consultants we drive desired business transformations in our clients by leveraging the latest in Digital, Design, and Data (D3)  Technologies utilizing our proven processes and continuous improvement methodologies. It is with our unrivaled expertise, and unrelenting passion for the industries we serve that we become a true business partner who understands we succeed only when our clients succeed.  Team D3 coalition of brands is represented by: D3 Technologies, MG AEC, ECAD.

Autodesk Affiliations

  • Autodesk Technology Partner
    • Autodesk Platform Services Certified Partner
  • Autodesk Learning Partner
    • Autodesk Authorized Training Center
  • Autodesk Solution Provider
    • Platinum
  • Autodesk Service Provider Program

Locations Served

    • United States
  • Online / Virtual
  • Will travel to client's location


Autodesk Specialized Partners are distinguished by their dynamic capacity, capabilities, proven customer success, and service delivery excellence. Specializations differentiate Autodesk partners based on their proven ability to deliver on desired customer outcomes through three tiers of achievement: Associate, Expert, and Master.

Partners that have achieved a Master Specialization badge have met the highest Autodesk standards of proven customer success and service delivery expertise within a given specialized Autodesk product group.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction


Product Design & Manufacturing



These Autodesk Solutions have been identified by the Partner as solutions that they have expertise with and can support through their services organization.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Advance Steel
BIM 360 Build
BIM 360 Cost
BIM 360 Plan
BIM 360 Team
BIM Collaborate
Dynamo Studio
Formit Pro
Point Layout
ReCap Pro

Product Design & Manufacturing

Autodesk HSM
Autodesk Nastran In-CAD
Autodesk Within Medical
Configurator 360
Fusion 360
Fusion 360 - Additive Build Extension
Fusion 360 - Machining Extension
Fusion 360 - Product Design Extension
Fusion 360 - Simulation Extension
Fusion 360 for Manufacturing
Fusion 360 for Product Design
Fusion 360 Manage
Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM
Fusion 360 with Netfabb
Fusion 360 with PowerInspect
Fusion 360 with PowerMill
Fusion 360 with PowerShape
Netfabb Local Simulation
Post Processor
Vault PLM

Media & Entertainment

3ds Max


Accreditation helps educate, measure, and recognize our partners and their consultants for investing in customer success practices and services delivery. Accreditation is earned by completing a knowledge check on the topic, delivering the service to a customer, and having a positive review on the service delivery.

Optimize Accelerators

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

  • BIM 360 Design Starter Pack
  • BIM 360 Docs Starter Pack
  • Civil 3D Starter Pack
  • Forge Starter Pack (AEC)
  • Revit (Architecture) Starter Pack
  • Revit (Structure) Starter Pack
  • Revit Project Health Check
  • Revit Starter Pack (MEP)

Product Design & Manufacturing

  • FeatureCAM Starter Pack
  • Fusion 360: Additive Starter Pack
  • Fusion 360: CAD Starter Pack
  • Fusion 360: CAM Starter Pack
  • Fusion 360: Machining Extension Starter Pack
  • Inventor HSM Starter Pack
  • PLM Implementor Process Foundation
  • PowerMill Starter Pack
  • Vault Starter Pack


  • Consulting Implementation Framework Overview
  • Coordinated Discovery Workshop Overview
  • Project Management Workshop Overview
  • Technical Product Support Accreditation

Success Stories

Explore documented success stories and testimonials featuring the value of Autodesk technology and Partner services delivered to solve for critical business requirements and desired customer outcomes.

Autodesk PLM & Vault Professional Business Practice Assessment
Bradford White had managed their engineering CAD documentation within Microsoft Windows explorer folders for 30+ years with measurable success. However, as they looked to the future and were seeking ways to improve their historic processes, workflows, and internal collaboration methods, they established new corporate initiatives with their sights set on improving their procedures by way of applying “automation” to those historic manual systems.
Fusion 360 Velocity Training and Support
EFD Induction was looking for a solution to replace its historic CAM system with a cloud-based application that would consolidate all aspects of its CAM and machining tools and processes. They also had an existing post-processor that needed to be updated and refined to eliminate associated errors introduced in what had been a long-standing manual process. Finally, they desired to add a parametric 3D modeling capability as well as institute new and more efficient workflows for all CAD to CAM to Shopfloor processes to lessen potential errors in an inconsistent manual creation and editing process.
Design Process Improvement Initiative
After years of using dependable but older design and production processes, Stratford Homes Limited Partnership decided to make significant changes to their design tools while enhancing information-sharing capability among corporate departments and move from AutoCAD to Autodesk Revit as their primary design tool.
Fusion 360 Custom Post-Processor Development & Support
WM Kline & Co. (client,) Inc. was looking for a way to update and refine their historic processes for creating G-code and tool path programs for their CNC and lathe machines. Through some internal consideration based on some outside research, they realized they were experiencing a significant loss in production time related to the time in which it took them to create the programming for their shop floor machines. This situation was impacting the company with a measurable loss of revenue because of their inability to produce and deliver error-free programs to their shop floor CNC, milling, and lathe machines.
User Management Business System Update
D3 was called upon to update the client’s “Business User functionality and management” for their existing API web hooks, and the group functionality within the client’s existing system that was created previously by D3 Technologies as a customized project using Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage. The existing solution was created to automate user creation, security assignment, user management, and license management processes within their Quality Assurance Platform (Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle).The client identified updates and refinements that needed to be made to their existing Business User Management System functionality. The updates included group approval board updates, group assignment, the removal of irregularities that had manifested over the initial stage of use, to further simplify workflows and reduce the geographical footprint that will be managed by the updated User Management Business System in the future. Finally, there was a need to expand access and capabilities for their suppliers within their existing workspaces.
The Moth Wing to Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels
The Biomimicry Alliance wanted to find an alternative method for creating sound absorption materials for application in open office work environments. They posed the question, “How would nature absorb sound?” Through investigation, they discovered the “Cabbage Tree Emperor moth” (Bunaea alcinoe) a moth species belonging to the family Saturniidae, native to Southern Africa. This unique moth can avoid its most notorious predator, a bat, and its “sonar” like ability to track its prey. The moth's wings are covered by overlapping scales that are less than (0.0098 inches) long and have a peculiar porous structure. This structure absorbs the "echolocation" sound of their predator, the bat, and thus helps them to camouflage themselves acoustically. But could The Biomimicry Alliance successfuly emulate the acoustical features of the moth’s wings and apply it to the design of acoustic panels?
Large Greenfield Expansion 2
Hargrove is a multi-discipline Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) firm that provides comprehensive on-site support to their clients in the energy generation, manufacturing, research and development, infrastructure, and process-heavy sectors. They have completed over 22,000 projects and served over 2,100 facilities since inception. Over the last several years margins on projects have gotten tighter and project timelines have become shorter. To meet these heightened demands, Hargrove began to realize that they needed to be able to communicate more effectively between engineering disciplines, field employees, subcontractors, and owners. Also, with the constraints imposed by the current Covid-19 pandemic, employees that are being kept out of the office are creating even greater challenges when it comes to sharing data across projects. Included in their desired enhancements is to automate data output during projects whenever possible.
Better Accuracy and Efficiency for Plastic Parts
Founded in 2015, MK Machining set out with the goal of delivering innovative products to the precision shooting community at an incredible value. All their products are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and materials produced here in the USA. They began a search for a solution that would help them improve productivity while decreasing labor in their manufacturing process and allow them to refine the “nesting” process of parts.
Reduce Mold Cycle-Times
Since 1988, Vamco, LLC has been supplying their Company Partners with their mold making, tooling and custom plastic injection needs along with a full-service plastic injection molding facility, machine shop with tooling and prototyping capabilities. Over time, VAMCO, LLC had come to the realization that to meet their heightened corporate objectives, they needed to improve the accuracy of their quoting process. Included in their desired enhancements were to gain key project information while reducing cycle time and producing more exacting weight analysis data that could help transform their production floor time and process.
Alpine Advanced Materials specializes in bringing technology and advanced materials to the market. As a subsidiary of Catalyze Dallas, Alpine specializes in the commercialization of innovative solutions that serve various industries. Alpine wished to expand the software compatibility of their Moldflow-to-FEA process. Alpine was looking to convert components from metal materials into polymers. As part of this process, they needed to investigate the use of their specific advanced materials to maintain strength and rigidity while reducing the weight of the final product. Lastly, this project also allowed for evaluation of Autodesk Moldflow as a potential solution for future projects.
Automated Computer-Aided Manufacturing
The A. W. Cash Company was incorporated on November 13, 1920, with production operations of the company located in Decatur, Illinois. In 1934, the Riley Stoker Corporation of Worcester, Mass., acquired the stock of the A. W. Cash Company. The name of the A. W. Cash Company was changed to Cashco, Incorporated on February 18, 1972. Some of the challenges that they face is manual programming process for shop floor CNC machines was consuming too much of their time causing excessive loss of production time while limiting product through-put. They were having to maintain too many controls, code variations, and tooling. In addition to that, manual processes made planning and machine usage time estimates difficult at best and excessive machine tool setup time.
Safety Training in Virtual Reality
Engineering & Inspection Services (EIS) specializes in petrochemical but has recently begun expanding into architectural and construction areas. Thanks to their dedication to adopting the newest technology, they are leading the way in providing their customers with advancements in laser scanning, virtual reality, and animations for cloud-based programs. One initiative was to offer training modules in a VR environment, but they didn’t currently have the necessary in-house resources or experience.
From Bentley to Autodesk: A Win for Badgers and Local Government!
The City of Madison’s biggest challenge was providing solutions that streamlined services while maintaining each department’s specialized knowledge, workflow, and individuality. Many of the departments had unique templates and customized tools built into their Bentley workflows that they liked and wanted to replicate in the new Autodesk BIM platforms. They needed a partner that could help them analyze their workflow between teams, then transition their templates over to the appropriate Autodesk tool followed by focused training and expert advisement as they made this transition.
Diamond Donor Program: The United States Olympic Museum
To answer an outpouring of interest from athletes and the public, the challenge was to individually model aluminum panels as a form of virtual tender in support of The United States Olympic Museum. The program could then allow each panel to be figuratively adopted, like buying a star. For MG AEC Technology Partners (D3 Technologies), the technological challenge was how to take an extremely robust dataset in the Building Information Model and make it accessible to the public in an intuitive, web-ready way to enable the adoption of a panel through donation, thus providing content funding that can live on for generations.
Fusion Lifecycle and Forge Authentication Integration
Greenpoint Technologies (a Safran Company) utilizes cutting-edge technology and expertise to deliver refined aircraft interior design solutions. The team faced a tight deadline to update Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle API-based integrations to use Forge-based authentication.
Consolidation of Worldwide Vault 2020
John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, after maintaining a primary Vault Professional server with 9 world-wide replicated servers including 5 separate Vault Databases, decided to consolidate all Vaults into one primary GLOBAL vault, and then re-establish replication around the world. The task would require the standardization of workflows and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes.
Peak Time Design Drafting Services
PPC Engineering sought to address a temporary need for design drafting without interrupting their primary drafting team’s attention to current design projects and without having to hire new staff to deal with occasional work overloads.


Large (100 or more employees)



    • Architecture
    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction
    • Facility Management
    • MEP Engineering
    • Mining & Quarrying
    • Oil & Gas
    • Other Engineering Industries
    • Structural Engineering
    • Utilities & Telecommunications
    • Water & Wastewater
    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Design
    • Subtractive Manufacturing


  • English
  • Specialization

    Design & Manufacturing Cloud

    Design & Manufacturing Cloud specialized partners help customers optimize the Fusion 360 integrated CAD/CAM/CAE cloud-based platform for business process improvements including advanced design, advanced machining, and additive manufacturing to design for specific materials and manufacturing techniques, produce lighter, stronger, better performing parts, and reduce material wastage and cost.

    Building Architecture

    Building Architecture specialized partners are focused on Autodesk solutions and services to optimize building design through improved team collaboration, improved data handover, reduced overall design time and increased workoad capacity.

    Civil Infrastructure

    Civil Infrastructure specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for delivering successful advanced design projects that include roads, highways, bridges, railways, and/or water infrastructure requirements.

    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk BIM solutions to improve productivity, design and fabricate better building systems, create model-based project estimates, and efficiently add MEP components to designs.

    Plant Design

    Plant Design specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to design, build and operate high performing industrial and manufacturing plants.

    Structural Engineering & Fabrication

    Structural Engineering & Fabrication specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for effective design, detailing, and creation of parts, assemblies, building systems, or structures from steel, concrete, and other materials.

    Pre-Construction Design & Planning

    Pre-Construction Design & Planning specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver BIM design authoring and collaboration, project planning and coordination, BIM data management, quantification and bid management.

    Site Construction & Operations

    Site Construction & Operations specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver project management, cost management, field collaboration, quality and safety management, project closeout and facilities management.

    Advanced Materials Analysis

    Advanced Materials Analysis specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver advanced simulation, injection molding and progressive failure analysis.

    Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

    Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk digital manufacturing solutions to deliver additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, and generative design.

    Industrial Design & Visualization

    Industrial Design & Visualization specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to create, analyze, visualize, and communicate design intent and aesthetics before building a physical prototype including 3D virtual prototyping for automotive design.

    Product Design & Manufacturing

    Product Design & Manufacturing specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver product performance, operational efficiency, innovation capacity and simulation fundamentals including mechanical and fluid simulation, stress analysis and finite element analysis (FEA).

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to manage complex product information, engineering and manufacturing workflows, and enterprise-wide collaboration for all involved in the product lifecycle - from engineering and supply chain to quality and manufacturing.

    Advanced Design

    Advanced Design specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for simulation and generative design solutions to design and engineer products with optimized aesthetics, form, fit, and function.

    Advanced Machining

    Advanced Machining specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling additional high-end machining capabilities including advanced 3- and 5-axis strategies, toolpath optimization, and process automation.

    Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling machinery to produce lighter, stronger, and better performing parts whilst also reducing material wastage and cost.

    Advanced Mill Simulation

    Advanced Mill Simulation specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for post-processing, verification, and simulation using multi-axis milling machines.

    Media & Entertainment Industry

    Media & Entertainment Industry specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering.

    Production Management

    Media & Entertainment Production Management specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to streamline creative workflows, enable resources with superior project planning and scheduling capabilities, and keep teams connected and collaborating in the cloud anytime, anywhere.