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Transitioning to Autodesk Build to Increase Communication and Visibility

Customer Challenge

InstallNET provides professional project management services for the installation of office furniture across the United States and Canada. InstallNET has used PlanGrid for quality reporting and project management. Their subscription to PlanGrid was expiring, and they wanted to explore solutions that could provide more robust capabilities for issues management and improve their overall workflow and efficiency.

Project Goals

CADD and InstallNET began discussions about their options. CADD took time to complete discovery about InstallNET’s current use of PlanGrid and what they were looking for long-term. As a furniture installation provider, InstallNET uses PlanGrid’s project management, punch list, and reporting capabilities across projects. In addition to their established workflows, InstallNET wanted to streamline project communication, enhance overall project visibility, and provide a means of communicating issues back to subcontractors and customers. Additionally, they wanted to expand their PlanGrid usage to all projects. They preferred a solution that would align with industry best practices but did not want the solution to exceed the budget they had already allocated for their PlanGrid renewal.


CADD made the recommendation to move forward with an account-based model for Autodesk Build, called Autodesk Build Unlimited. Autodesk Build Unlimited provides unlimited-user access to PlanGrid, plus access to the new Autodesk Build platform. This solution would allow their users to continue to work within PlanGrid without interruption and would also allow CADD to work closely with InstallNET to plan and implement a long-term transition to Autodesk Build. Following CADD’s recommendations, InstallNET moved forward with purchasing a subscription to Autodesk Build Unlimited, which included access to PlanGrid and Autodesk Build. To begin the transition and understand the capabilities of the new Autodesk Build platform, CADD’s consulting team completed an onboarding service, helping the InstallNET admins understand the capabilities within Autodesk Build and how these features compared to the existing workflows within PlanGrid.

Business Outcome

InstallNET continues to complete projects within PlanGrid as they work with the CADD consulting team to complete their transition to Autodesk Build. They have developed a company-wide transition plan, to allow for InstallNET to leverage Autodesk Build for all projects and be standardized in the future.


InstallNET is still working to standardize on Autodesk Build, and the transition announcement has already generated a lot of excitement both internally and externally. Internally, InstallNET users look forward to workflows that are more streamlined and automated. Externally, InstallNET’s customers and consultants look forward to enhanced project visibility via dashboards and daily reports. InstallNET is a great partner to CADD Microsystems, and we look forward to contributing to their many future successes.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

5 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Build
  • Docs
  • PlanGrid

Services Provided

  • Configuration & Deployment

Customer Industry

  • Facility Management
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