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Students Use "Leading Software" for Mechanical Design Concepts

Customer Challenge

The Middlesex County Magnet Schools (formerly the Middlesex County Vocational & Technical Schools), provide a network of high schools serving vocational and technical education needs.

Leo Malave, Middlesex County Architecture Technology instructor, reached out to Synergis for help gaining a working knowledge of the Autodesk Fusion 360 software to implement in his curriculum, so his students could benefit from learning about one of today’s leading software used for mechanical design concepts.

“As a CAD instructor, I have been working with Synergis for about 18 years. Their instructors have done an excellent job with their introductory courses to various CAD software. I was confident I could count on Synergis once more to get me started with Fusion 360.”

Project Goals

The expectation after taking a Fusion 360 workshop with Synergis was to gain a working knowledge of the software for instruction in the Architecture Technology program, particularly when it pertains to creating 3D parts and generating assemblies. Having a working knowledge of Fusion 360 would allow for better utilization of the software in the classroom and give the students more tools to work with, and more real-world mechanical design experience.


Synergis instructors worked closely with Leo and the Architecture Technology Department, to customize the lessons to suit his individual needs. During the training and workshops, the Synergis instructors demonstrated how to model an assembly that he had already modeled using the Autodesk Inventor software, so he would be able to compare the two and see the advantages of Fusion 360. Additional tools and functionality were also shown in order to provide a more complete overview of the powerful software.

“I was lucky enough to work with different instructors, therefore getting different perspectives on how to operate the software.”

Business Outcome

After completing Fusion 360 training with Synergis, the Middlesex County facility has a better working knowledge of Fusion 360 and its extensions, with students now actively receiving instruction on, and using, Fusion 360 for class assignments.

“After completing the workshop, I was able to practice on my own and share what I learned with my students. My students benefited by learning about one of today’s leading software that’s used for mechanical design concepts.”


By partnering with Synergis Engineering Design Solutions, Middlesex County Magnet Schools were able to implement Fusion 360 into their curriculum and give the students a working knowledge of Fusion 360. Using Fusion 360 in the classroom has been beneficial for the students in the program, and excellent for them when working on collaborative projects. Students are now more well-prepared to enter the professional workforce, having more hands-on experience with best-in-class design tools and functionality.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

2 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Fusion 360
  • Fusion 360 - Additive Build Extension
  • Fusion 360 - Generative Design Extension
  • Fusion 360 - Machining Extension
  • Fusion 360 for Manufacturing
  • Fusion 360 for Product Design

Services Provided

  • Training

Customer Industry

  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Design
  • Subtractive Manufacturing
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