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Shotgrid Speeds up Post at Babs Do Productions

Customer Challenge

Babs Do Productions is an independent film production company owned by Zachary and Patrick Birlew. Babs Do Productions makes films that are of various genres, unique, and made specifically for broad appeal. Using the latest in digital video, animation, and music technology, Babs Do Productions aims to break barriers by making studio-quality films on an indie budget. Babs Do Productions was going into their second feature film project and was utilizing outside artists for some VFX & animation shots. They realized that they were going to need a way to track and manage their shots & assets during post-production. They needed to find a project management tool that allowed them to collaborate easily, integrated with their tools, and allowed customization.

Project Goals

Some of Babs Do Production's goals were to manage their project their way with a customizable tool that easily integrated with their current Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection. Next was to track every shot and asset as it moved through post-production, keeping them organized. Lastly, able to save time and effort by moving away from excel sheets and similar style documents.


Babs Do utilized their relationship with Motion Media, a Gold Autodesk partner for help. Being a Gold Partner indicates that Motion Media has demonstrated excellent Autodesk knowledge and has the staff and experience to guide them in their decision-making process. They knew that Motion Media's expertise in Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection would provide extremely useful in providing support, solutions, consultation, implementation, and more. After discussing the needs with Babs Do, Motion Media recommended Autodesk Shotgrid. Considering Babs Do already uses the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection, Adobe Creative Suite, it was a natural fit that ticked all the boxes they needed. Customizable, easy collaboration, and more. They agreed that Autodesk Shotrid was the solution they'd been looking for and pulled the trigger.

Business Outcome

The team at Babs Do Productions was able to effectively implement Autodesk Shotgrid with the help of the Motion Media team and deployed it effortlessly. They are now able to collaborate with different vendors, tracking and providing feedback on shots and assets easily. Autodesk Shotgrid seamlessly integrated with their pipeline. "We couldn't be happier with Autodesk Shotgrid, it's made things so much easier for us," said Zack Birlew of Babs Do.


Babs Do is now able to manage its VFX/animation shots and assets much more efficiently. They are also able to collaborate easily with artists on the project, something they struggled with before. With the help of the specialists at Motion Media, Babs Do was able to cut down post-production time and implement Autodesk Shotgrid easily. Zack Birlew said, "Motion Media is our go-to source for everything Autodesk. We've been working with them for years and trust their opinions and always look to them for advice"

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

15 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • ShotGrid
  • Media & Entertainment Collection

Services Provided

    Customer Industry

    • Film & TV
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