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Reduce Mold Cycle-Times

Customer Challenge

Since 1988, Vamco, LLC has been supplying their Company Partners with their mold making, tooling and custom plastic injection needs along with a full-service plastic injection molding facility, machine shop with tooling and prototyping capabilities. Over time, VAMCO, LLC had come to the realization that to meet their heightened corporate objectives, they needed to improve the accuracy of their quoting process. Included in their desired enhancements were to gain key project information while reducing cycle time and producing more exacting weight analysis data that could help transform their production floor time and process.

Project Goals

VAMCO, LLC’s ultimate project goals were to reduce cycle-time on a very large test job with a cycle-time of 40 seconds. Secondly, they needed to find a way to produce vital project data that was essential to drive needed increases in process efficiencies.


D3 Technologies created a customized presentation for a specific test case that illustrated the use of Autodesk Moldflow that could meet VAMCO, LLC’s specific needs while establishing ongoing mentoring and technical support to help them in their implementation and use of the solution into the future.

Business Outcome

The desired business outcome was realized in a very intuitive workflow using Autodesk Moldflow and their shopfloor providing for an increase in process efficiency while reducing cycle time from 40 seconds down to 18 seconds thus quickening time to completion and delivery to the customer.


“We no longer would think of quoting a job without first running it through Autodesk Moldflow. Then being able to use the predictive cycle time allowed us to take the cycle time down more than in half to take weeks off of a 50,000-set order.” --Mike L

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

30 days

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      Customer Industry

      • Subtractive Manufacturing
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