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Reality Capture Proof-of-Concept Proves Valuable for EastPoint

Customer Challenge

“We want to ensure that our clients are confident that when they spend money on infrastructure, they’ll only need to spend that money once,” said Simon Sankey, BIM and Quality Manager, EastPoint. “We recognized that the ability to capture accurate as-built measurements more quickly and present a detailed, photograph-like image of their spaces and our designs would help us instill that confidence.”

Project Goals

EastPoint chose to test the BLK360 by scanning a newly constructed recycling treatment plant they had designed. They would present the customer with a point cloud, or a dataset that represents the scanned area, that the customer could use to confirm the completed construction met the design intent.


IMAGINiT Canada recommended in-person training for both the field and office activities. EastPoint agreed, and IMAGINiT Canada’s Reality Capture Solutions’ team manager met the 12-person design team at the recycling treatment facility. They spent two days learning how to use the scanner by capturing the entire facility. Training continued at the office where the EastPoint team learned how to create a Revit model from their point cloud, store it, and share it with the customer.

Business Outcome

Responses were overwhelmingly positive: 1) EastPoint’s design team raved about how easy the scanner was to use, how fast it collected the data, and how accurate the results were 2) The customer appreciated that seeing the space in 3D made it easy to focus on project details instead of trying to understand 2D drawings


“The time saved, from our team’s work to document as-built conditions to the customers’ work to understand and approve our designs, is astronomical, “ said Simon. “ Plus, our liability is greatly reduced because the accuracy of our designs reduces the chance of construction errors and rework.”

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

5 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Revit

Services Provided

    Customer Industry

    • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
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