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Radiosity multiplies and automates its Render power with Color Cassettes Software, Equipment and Services

Customer Challenge

Radiosity has made animation for commercials, VFX and short films but now faces the challenge of making the first of a series of feature films. They have a limited budget for the render stage so they decide to invest in a custom on-site CPU render farm solution.

Project Goals

Radiosity requires the solution to be automated and transparent and easy to use for its artists. Render times must be able to be calculated very approximately because production times are very limited and each rendering frame must count. It is also mandatory that the solution works uninterruptedly 24/7/365 and has technical support via remote. They are not experts in hardware or in the integration of the different software tools but they want to learn the basics to be able to immediately attend to the adjustments that their production demands.


Radiosity uses Autodesk Maya and 3DS Max software for the entire 3D animation process and employs Motion Builder to link to an optical motion capture system and then edit the animation. All Autodesk software was provided, integrated, and managed by Color Cassettes. Color Cassettes integrated a CPU render farm solution composed of specialized nodes for image processing that are interconnected over a high-speed network. The project includes a NAS storage system through which all the scenes of the project pass in such a way that all the artists can share them; from this system the render farm takes all the assets to perform the render work and in this same one delivers all the rendered images for review and subsequent processing.

Business Outcome

All render tasks are sent to the farm in a very simple way while the central server handles the processes transparently. The artists send the rendering processes and immediately engage in another production task leaving the technical to the intelligence of the system. Render times are met as required and as production progresses they are more predictable and plannable because the system includes statistical tools that facilitate the analysis of production as it progresses. Both the artists and the technical support staff were trained in the basic tools of farm management and with this they have been able to make first-hand some adjustments on the fly without requiring technical support. When you have required technical support this has been attended via remote desktop.


Radiosity has found in Color Cassettes an expert resource that has given them a solution of elegant, simple design and impeccable execution; ready to work 100% from the day after functional delivery. Radiosity now owns a render farm that exceeds your expectations for its speed, versatility and reliability.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

30 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Maya
  • MotionBuilder
  • 3ds Max
  • Arnold

Services Provided

  • System Integration

Customer Industry

  • Media & Entertainment
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