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ME Elecmetal Establishes a Single Source of Truth with Fusion 360 Manage

Customer Challenge

ME Elecmetal is a global supplier for mineral processors, striving to help customers increase productivity and reduce downtime by developing the most cost-effective and innovative products and services in the marketplace. With over 100 years of experience, ME Elecmetal is the leading supplier of integrated wear solutions for mining, construction, and industry. As they continue to grow and scale, ME Elecmetal has its eyes on creating a single source of truth for the organization. They know there is value to solidifying and securing their workflows and assets on a single platform. Because of their global reach, they needed to select a cloud-based platform to standardize upon. They wanted everyone, company-wide, everywhere in the world, at any time, to be able to easily connect to the same information. They needed an advanced Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution.

Project Goals

The Technical Manager of Design at ME Elecmetal, Michael Best, was aware of an approach that would work. Michael is a veteran automation design engineer who brings an extensive knowledge of Autodesk and the ecosystem. He has 27-year history using AutoCAD (since version 12), Inventor (since R1), and has acted as a bug hunter and beta tester for Inventor in the past, and can even be found instructing at Autodesk University. Michael and the ME Elecmetal team reached out to KETIV to obtain Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage, realizing that the product and the partnership with KETIV would result in a flexible PLM solution that can adapt to the business. Michael had the confidence that they could start today, building their proof of concept and pushing on to Phase I of their grand vision. This was the best answer to connect their people, processes, and data across their distributed teams and geographies.


ME Elecmetal has a long history of partnering with KETIV, so getting started was easy. The teams are integrating the existing instance of Vault and Fusion 360 Manage, and are working to build out custom workspaces for Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) and proposals. They’re establishing workspace fields to manage ECO direction for each project, supported by an associated workflow that allows full tracking of each project or ECO in the system. This allows better visibility and management across several product lines, like Mill Liners and Crushers. There are also dedicated spaces for R&D, Product Development, Quality, Field Reporting for Wear Tracking, and more, to allow them to get a handle across multiple teams and is a part of the engineering lifecycle. KETIV is providing training and guidance to manage proper adoption of the solution. "Fusion 360 Manage allows us to enhance our engineering abilities by removing obstacles." - Michael Best, Technical Manager, Design at ME Elecmetal

Business Outcome

What are the wins for ME Elecmetal as they deploy this secure, cloud-based solution? Most importantly, it will remove obstacles. Fusion 360 Manage allows the team to enhance their engineering abilities, identifying and automating operations to keep project creation on the road to completion. Account Managers can place orders onsite with a customer, connecting to their information will be as easy as connecting their laptop to Wi-Fi. ME Elecmetal is better able to keep up with changes. If unexpected changes arise in production or product designs, Fusion 360 Manage swiftly documents and alerts users.  Michael is proud of the opportunities offered by the software to better track projects. "We can help our customers get to market a lot faster while at the same time optimizing our engineering processes and deliverables." The organization is also excited about enhancing production operations, thanks to how Fusion 360 Manage deals with varied workspaces.


This is a great start to ME Elecmetal's digital engineering and manufacturing transformation journey and establishment of a single source of truth - the first step in a major overhaul of their processes and systems. They are looking forward to leveraging Fusion 360 Manage and their relationship with KETIV to handle their critical engineering and transformation roadmap. The team has established a multi-phased plan where they will integrate Fusion 360 Manage with their core customer and business systems; Salesforce and SAP, allowing cross-directional communication between the customers, salespeople, engineers, and production floor. "That's what makes this a great project. We are a medium-sized company looking to deploy a mature platform and process build on Fusion 360 Manage that you would only typically see in companies with thousands of employees." - Michael Best, Technical Manager, Design at ME Elecmetal

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

150 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Fusion 360 Manage

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    • Mining & Quarrying
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