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Massilly North America Automates Processes with Fusion 360 Manage

Customer Challenge

In 2015, Massilly North America reached out to Autodesk for support on their product lifecycle management (PLM) software, Fusion 360 Manage (previously known as Autodesk PLM 360), which is critical to the company’s day-to-day operations. Autodesk connected Massilly North America with IMAGINiT, and the IMAGINiT PLM team answered questions on specific issues, consulted on workflow improvements, and shared best practices.

Project Goals

“As our needs expanded and we decided to leverage Fusion to launch a training workspace to track training requirements and history, we realized we needed features not native to the software. Since we didn’t have the in-house knowledge to build those features within Fusion, we turned to IMAGINiT,” said Julius Stampacchia, Technical Services Vice President, Quality. As the needs of Massilly North America evolved throughout the years, they continued to turn to IMAGINiT for new workspaces and improved functionalities within Fusion 360 Manage. “My process is to sketch out how I want the database to work and then talk with the IMAGINiT team about the concept, the fundamentals, and which processes can be automated,” said Julius.


Today, IMAGINiT administers more than 40 workspaces for Massilly North America, including the New Item Request workspace and all Audit workspaces (e.g., food safety, quality systems, pest control, oven certifications, and more).

Business Outcome

IMAGINiT has helped Massilly North America with two key projects: the NCR Global Expansion and Autodesk Modern Interface Alignment. For the NCR Global Expansion, IMAGINiT connected all the facilities into a single customer complaint management workspace, standardized the processes, and connected the corporate group so they would be aware of all the occurrences at the different plants. In addition to facilitating a process that moves smoothly, takes less time to manage, and is always up to date, the new customer complaint workspace provides insights from both a global customer and an interfacility perspective. For the Autodesk Modern Interface Alignment, the IMAGINiT team took a step back, re-evaluated the interface process/flow, and rebuilt the Autodesk back-end as scripting automation for the modern interface. Massilly successfully implemented the modern interface at all its facilities and all users are benefiting from its enhanced functionality.


“With the Fusion platform, just about anything I dream up is possible,” said Julius. “I can look at the same workspace every day, and one day get a vision of something new to do or someone else to bring into the process. I reach out to IMAGINiT whenever the changes require skills that we do not have in-house. I expect this partnership to continue, as IMAGINiT automates more and more processes. The benefits to Massilly are major, including reducing redundant human data entry, notifying internal and external customers as the product transitions through the workflow lifecycle, and automating report generation.”

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

10 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Fusion 360
  • Fusion 360 Manage

Services Provided

    Customer Industry

    • Design & Manufacturing
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