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Korn Architects Innovation Path

Customer Challenge

Korn Architects is very well aware of their architectural expertise that they have to create buildings in many different fields. Things are done based on the physical and cultural factors of each environment, the available resources and the direction in which to use them. Korn Architects believes that no building has the same design, even if they are in different locations in the world. This led Korn to look for advanced support solutions in this field including architectural software and Autodesk provided them with the right solutions.

Project Goals

Korn has three main goals in mind: 1. Save budget for short-term projects. 2. Easy access to software anytime and anywhere when their Engineers go away on business. 3. The software is always up to date to the latest versions with optimized features for application in their projects.


Korn has moved to use the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection instead of old perpetual AutoCAD licenses to take advantage of the latest versions with many advanced features. In addition, the AEC Collection also integrates with many other software to help them maximize the budget and meet their needs for convenient access when Engineers are away from the office on business trips.

Business Outcome

Like many others, Korn has been trusting Autodesk solutions from the beginning. They acknowledge the capability of the solutions provided to them. By using the AEC Collection, Korn is proud to be at the forefront in proposing unique, impressive solutions while ensuring effective quality with high aesthetics and richness for each context culture.


Since 2000, the representative office of Korn Architects has been officially operated in Southeast Asia due to the rapid development of new urban areas, leading to increasing demand for architectural design in accordance with international standards. With a clear goal in mind, Korn is growing and innovating by day to match current trends. Korn is looking forward to using more of the AEC Collection on their future projects.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

60 days

Autodesk Solutions

    Services Provided

    • System & Software Maintenance

    Customer Industry

    • Architecture
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