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Improve Productivity, Reduce Rework and Accelerate Project Delivery with Autodesk PowerMill

Customer Challenge

Sameer Kolkata Centre manufactures steel products. The Company produces and supplies housings and cavities. Sameer Kolkata Centre serves customers in India. Sameer Kolkata Centre are real estate developers that required a collection of solutions that would enable the practice experts to deliver a range of services across manufacturing. This industry faces some challenges in manufacturing their housing and cavity products, automating NC code generations, and generating good finishing parts as per critical business requirements. To meet these important challenges, Sameer Kolkata Centre have hired some professional CAM experts for help with generating some simple NC codes.

Project Goals

The industry has relied on the housing and cavities with the age-old traditional methods and hasn’t been able to adapt to the changes in new methodologies. Yet, currently, not many methods for betterment are being adopted. As industry leaders for Programming Strategy Implementation and Project Delivery, TRISITA Engineering LLP identified the use of designing and manufacturing in Autodesk Fusion 360 with PowerMill and generating part design and NC code technology as the right solution for Sameer Kolkata Centre for betterment due to easy application in order to save a great deal of time and cost.


Autodesk Fusion 360 with Powermill Standard was implemented to solve the customer's challenges and additionally help: 1) Clients with better requirement capturing and enhanced communications with their design and manufacturing team. 2) TRISITA Engineering LLP and Autodesk both support customers together at every foot step. 3) Manufacturers and Operators with increased clarity in design intent, easy methods for testing NC code generations, and easy distribution of the setup sheet across teams. 4) Enable significant progress in quality of jobs with efficient finishing strategies.

Business Outcome

Information is now more easily shared and can be value-added and reusable. Building proposals can be rigorously analysed, simulations performed quickly, and performance benchmarked, enabling improved and innovative solutions. Environmental performance is more predictable and lifecycle costs are better understood. Documentation output is flexible. Proposals are better understood through accurate visualization.


Using Autodesk Fusion 360 with PowerMill Standard along with value-added services from TRISITA Engineering helped Sameer Kolkata Centre to improve their productivity, reduce rework, and accelerate their project delivery. Not only does the solution deployed mitigate project risk, but it also delivers dramatic benefits including improved accuracy and efficiency in scoping, a ‘single source of truth’ for project information providing transparency and certainty for all parties, and data capture for future operations and maintenance.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

25 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Fusion 360

Services Provided

    Customer Industry

    • Additive Manufacturing
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