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How a Minneapolis Construction Firm Adopts Technology Strategically

Customer Challenge

Knutson Construction is a full-service construction firm based in Minneapolis, MN. They created a virtual design and construction division focused on identification and successful adoption of technology, lead by Katie Montag. "The focus before I joined was on coordination and clash detection. That was our bread and butter," Montag says. "To stay relevant and to continue growing, we needed to expand beyond that. A large component of my role is being able to be looking forward and looking out to what's next and what we can leverage to get ahead of the curve. It's unpredictable and changes every day, but that's where we want to be positioned so that we don't have to be reactive."

Project Goals

Montag's mission is to expand Knutson's services and leverage building information modeling and other software to boost productivity and to reduce risk. Essentially, Montag assesses a solution's potential return on investment, but "that doesn't necessarily have to mean pure dollars," she says. "An investment could make us more efficient with our time or enable us to expand into new markets or earn a new client."


Knutson's technology partner is Autodesk Solution Provider U.S. CAD, which provides the firm with reality capture technology and production services, including coordination and Revit modeling, as well as guidance on Autodesk construction technology solutions, training, and implementation. In 2021, Knutson moved to Autodesk Build, a collaboration and project management system, as a means to deliver on its goals.

Business Outcome

"We're finding that we're solving for problems people don't necessarily know they have yet," Montag says. "It's gratifying to show an improvement in a process that they didn't understand was an issue." Knutson's robust due diligence ensures that each investment generates strategic value.


Technology solutions can also help with staff recruitment, as younger workers might prefer to work with advanced technology. Technology can also be leveraged to provide digital training to upskill workers. "We're certainly seeing a workforce that is hungry to be able to have tools at their fingertips and access to technology, rather than grabbing a set of plans, a physical model or a physical building element," Montag says. In other words, these solutions feel empowering.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

5 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • BIM Collaborate
  • Build
  • Point Layout

Services Provided

  • BIM
  • Assessment of Needs
  • Implementation
  • Pipeline Development
  • Process Automation
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Optimize Accelerator Delivery
  • 3D Scanning
  • Training

Customer Industry

  • Construction
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