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Hospital Project Success with Autodesk Docs

Customer Challenge

KL Wellness City Sdn Bhd, a company focusing on healthcare have a vision to pioneer an integrated ecosystem. They are recognized by their commitment in redefining, strengthening, and broadening the understanding of health and quality of life. KL Wellness City has benefited from Autodesk BIM managing to boost productivity and save time since adopting Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks Manage, Autodesk Civil 3D and Autodesk Infraworks in 2017. Despite the success of Autodesk BIM process adoption, KL Wellness City continues to face challenges in Autodesk BIM project management, especially in the aspects of project collaboration, managing files and documents, reviewing design, and ensuring that all project data is properly backed up, stored, and easily accessible to all project stakeholders for their hospital project.

Project Goals

Autodesk Docs was considered by KL Wellness City as a possible answer to their project management and communication issues. Autodesk Docs appears to be able to facilitate them on their hospital project, enhance productivity, be compatible with other asset and facilities management software, and eliminate communication barriers among all project stakeholders while being simple to deploy. 3DTech was invited in to show Autodesk Docs' capabilities and how it functions as a Common Data Environment.


3DTech suggested Autodesk Docs functionality according to Common Data Environment folder set up following: PAS1192-2:2013. 3DTech showcase how project data is shared, collaborated and communicated among KL Wellness City project team members. Autodesk Docs is being used to trace and manage issues for the new hospital projects under KL Wellness City to ensure proper management of design information before they go with tender.

Business Outcome

KL Wellness City has gained the following benefits as a result of implementing Autodesk Docs: Document control that allows to get the appropriate information into the right hands through organized folders and comprehensive permission tools. Transmittal creation and tracking which can create and distribute transmittals with project teams with ease and keep track of everything with a comprehensive audit trail. Design-to-construction connection to connect teams on the platform for seamless information transmission from design through construction. Centralized issue tracking that can increase accountability by using a single centralized list to track and resolve concerns. Document approvals that automate the evaluation of drawings, models, and documents before publishing and distributing to save time and effort.


KL Wellness City was able to optimise the return on their Autodesk Docs investment. Thanks to a good adoption strategy that focused on people, process, and technology, they managed to enhance their current Autodesk BIM processes with Autodesk Docs collaborative project ecosystem. Autodesk Docs gives a positive impact on their hospital project, increase productivity and remove communication barriers amongst all project stakeholders.

Project Summary

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30 days

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