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Getting New Staff Up to Speed with Custom Revit Training

Customer Challenge

Blue Star Integrative Studio, or BSIS, is a tribally owned full-service planning and Architecture firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma. BSIS initially started working with ATG for Autodesk license management, but staff changes caused by the transition from independent ownership provided opportunities for Revit training: “We knew that we were bringing on a lot of junior staff with a mixture of Revit knowledge. We elected to do an introductory Revit course on best practices and how to balance modeling efforts with detailing efforts,” said Paul Clements, Architect and Platforms Specialist at BSIS.

Project Goals

  • Train new staff on Autodesk Revit, including best practices
  • Streamline collaboration across offices and teams


BSIS had already been using ATG for licensing and management, which prompted them to move forward with customized Revit training for their team. “We had experienced great service with ATG for licensing and management of all our platforms. That familiarity led us to do a training module that complied with Autodesk credentialing requirements,” said Paul.

Business Outcome

Customized Revit training allowed the BSIS team to work directly with one of ATG’s certified Autodesk instructors to address questions and even go outside the curriculum as needed. “It was great to see ATG provide suggestions for pacing and depth as well as follow our terms for training customization,” said Paul.

The training not only consisted of Revit material but also touched on collaboration methods with BIM 360 in the Autodesk Construction Cloud. “BIM 360 has been one of the best methods we have used for coordination between offices, both with our sister companies and other collaborators,” said Paul. “It’s one of the most robust ways of collaborating versus redlines with pen and paper and scanning.”


“There are many praises to be given to ATG, and trust is one of them. Whenever we need a solution or want to bolster the existing software we have or our usage of it, we're confident that the solutions ATG provides will be compliant with what the software manufacturers intend. The solutions offered have been very complementary to the hardware we use in the office,” said Paul.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

30 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • BIM 360
  • BIM Collaborate
  • Revit

Services Provided

  • Assessment of Needs
  • Training

Customer Industry

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