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Custom Vault User Training Improves Workflows and Saves Time and Money for Eriez

Customer Challenge

Eriez Manufacturing had a need for a local partner that could provide the technical capabilities and training to enable Eriez to complete projects faster with minimal downtime, and provide technical support for their software. When their “Engineering Software Administrators” group expanded in size, Eriez discovered they needed a fresh start for their new ESA's and turned to Synergis to have a custom Autodesk Vault training curriculum developed and delivered.

Project Goals

Upon expanding their group of "Engineering Software Administrators", Eriez Manufacturing wanted to get that new team "up and running" quickly with Autodesk Vault. Eriez needed guidance in developing this Vault training, and worked with Synergis to uncover additional training needs, fully understand requirements, and understand complementary topics.


By meeting with the Eriez Manufacturing ESA Group to fully understand their needs and existing workflows, as well as understanding the existing knowledge around Autodesk Vault, Synergis was able to uncover areas of improvement and develop a customized training program to meet all of Eriez Manufacturing's specific training needs. Eriez Manufacturing chose to hold this customized training at their location so Synergis sent out an Applications Consultant to deliver this customized training.

Business Outcome

Upon completion of the training, Eriez Manufacturing was able to streamline their workflow, which enabled them to have more people available and additional free time to address "in-house" technical issues and eliminate costly project roadblocks. Additionally, because existing workflow and process deficiencies were uncovered and highlighted, Eriez was given invaluable data regarding additional customization and services which would provide additional functionality for the future.


Eriez Manufacturing had a need for high-level, specific services and training. Upon meeting the Synergis team at Autodesk University, Eriez knew they had found a true partner who could deliver. Eriez took advantage of a customized training program built around their specific needs, which allowed the training to deliver the highest impact to improving their workflows and saving time and money. Those who attended the training felt it was an exceptional experience that made an immediate impact.

Project Summary

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Project Duration

2 days

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      • Design & Manufacturing
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