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Custom Turn-Mill Post Processor

Customer Challenge

Maple Leaf Tube acquired a Mori Sieki NL3000y/1250 mill/turn center. They were relatively new to the CNC world and needed a better post than the one in the Autodesk post library.

Project Goals

Maple Leaf Tube identified the priority project goal of producing a new post processor specifically for the Mori Sieki NL3000y/1250 mill/turn center that works seamlessly with Autodesk Fusion 360.


Maple Leaf Tube worked with NexGenCAM to test and develop a custom post processor using an iterative process. NexGenCAM provided the right technology and complemented with post processor development and testing services.

Business Outcome

Starting on August 26th, and after 5 iterations of testing, the post was completed on September 4th, 2020.


“We reached out to NexGenCAM for a custom post processor for our Mori Sieki NL3000y mill/turn center. All they needed was our machine information; the travels, the limits. They sent us four or five different iterations before we finally achieved what we were after. They were very helpful and every time we wanted to change something, often within 12 hours we would receive the next version to try with our machines. Overall, it was a very, very good experience working with them.” - Jeff Waldner

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

8 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Fusion 360

Services Provided

    Customer Industry

    • Subtractive Manufacturing
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