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Company-wide Transition from AutoCAD to Revit

Customer Challenge

NFD, Inc., a commercial interior design and architectural planning firm, was using AutoCAD Architecture for their projects. To enhance rendering proficiency, teaming opportunities and hiring capabilities, NFD approached CADD about assisting them in transitioning to Revit.

Project Goals

It was important for NFD to have a template in Revit that they could use from the beginning for construction documentation projects. The template would require basic sheets equipped with tools that NFD uses consistently in AutoCAD, including schedules, legends, and other content to accomplish drawings. A top priority was to get the template created and implemented as quickly as possible and provide it to NFD prior to their Revit training. The template would also be modified during the assistance phase to ensure success with Revit.


The CADD consultant first conducted a needs analysis by reviewing sample drawing sets to determine what content was needed for their projects based on previous projects. They then created a custom template and content that included families, settings, workflows, and legends. The consultant also created a custom Revit training class, with a focus on existing buildings and BIM training. This hybrid Revit class was conducted in half-day sessions over three weeks, and was delivered remotely. After the training was completed and NFD began their first project in Revit, the consultant worked with the team to set up the project and provide pointers on how to do their needed activities in that project. The consultant also assisted in correcting and modifying the template during this workflow.

Business Outcome

The entire NFD team worked on the initial project in Revit so that they could ask questions and receive feedback from CADD's consultant during the process. After working through that initial project with CADD's assistance, NFD is continuing to transition to Revit and currently completes many of their space planning projects and most construction documentation and rendering projects in Revit.


NFD was happy with the template, training and support provided by CADD's consultant. CADD continues to provide ongoing support with the NFD team through scheduled consulting time on an as-needed basis. During these meetings, the consultant helps troubleshoot, answer questions, give pointers and provide feedback on current drawings to ensure success and efficiency with their projects.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

150 days

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  • Revit

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    Customer Industry

    • Design
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