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Building Team Confidence with Revit Template Creation

Customer Challenge

Rottet Studio is a leading international architecture and interior design firm that offers many services, including renovation, building and interior design, landscaping and more. Michael Au, Associate Principal at Rottet, is the firm-wide technical director and practice manager for the design studio. “When our firm needed to transition from an AutoCAD-dominate firm to a Revit-dominate firm, we had to create goals and formulate a plan of attack to transition our office to Revit,” said Michael.

Project Goals

The following priority project goals were identified: 1) Find the right path to create a Revit template from the ground up. 2) Efficiently translate CAD standards into the Revit world. 3) Collaborate with the Rottet team to effectively deliver the new Revit template created by ATG and completely transition the entire firm from AutoCAD to Revit. 4) Properly prepare and train the Rottet team to run projects off of the Revit template.


“We approached ATG with this issue to get on board the Revit train. We didn’t have a template, so all of our standards were in CAD. ATG helped us find the right path to develop and create a template from ground zero,” said Michael. ATG assessed CAD components to determine how the template would work, then translated that to create the template. Helping through the process of implementing standards, drafting views, and more, ATG built a template to fit Rottet’s needs.

Business Outcome

“I think what’s most promising after the Revit template work is the confidence in my staff. We no longer have this great cloud over us. James Hughes [Technical Specialist] and Emily Clark [Director of Architectural Services] at ATG are happy to help us with any questions we have, and now our template is finally in a solid state to keep projects moving and continue making updates in a meaningful, progressive way. We feel adequately equipped to move forward with any project,” said Michael.


“I would give ATG an A+. The team was tremendously helpful throughout the process, literally building something from ground zero. We could come with questions and ATG often had questions for us we didn’t know the answer to, but they would still facilitate and guide us in the right direction, leading to the best solution to fit our design practice,” said Michael. “ATG tries very hard to get to know us and what we’re trying to achieve, and I think that goes a long way in our type of business.”

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

35 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Revit

Services Provided

    Customer Industry

    • Architecture
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