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BIM implementation supported by AEC Collection and ACC for collaborative work - Walls and Ceilings

Customer Challenge

Walls and Ceilings since 2009 has come in the constant appropriation of the adoption and use of the BIM methodology, relying through Autodesk tools, seeking to be a leading and solid company in the construction sector and recognized for developing projects with the BIM methodology and with experience of the entire portfolio of Autodesk tools such as AEC Collection and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

One of the challenges they faced was to adopt the collaborative workflow in the cloud and adapt to the transformation of these tools over time, initially A360 was adopted, then BIM 360 and now learn to use the Autodesk Construction Cloud platform in record time as projects ran their course, allowing you to eliminate the dependence on sending files by email and be able to mount them to work in the cloud for the benefit of the entire organization.

Project Goals

One of the objectives of Walls and Ceilings for the development of projects with AEC Collection and collaborative work was to be able to convince all stakeholders to participate in the new BIM work methodology proposed by these specialized solutions.

Another objective was to be able to change the conventional working methods that were had in each organization to adjust them to the BIM interoperability standards, in addition to having a platform designed to manage the entire life cycle of the project, both in the management of information and the systematization of the workflows of all stakeholders.


The solution to the challenges that arose in the life cycle of the project was to have the correct implementation of the AEC Collection tool and Autodesk Construction Cloud aligned with the BIM methodology, which would allow us to think according to the construction process, make sound decisions, gain competitiveness and  optimize processes through the correct coordination, move from having federated models (linking segregated models) to integrated models (merging models to a single source of truth).

Business Outcome

This methodology allows collaborative work between the work and the office, facilitating access to project information at any time and place, allows consultation, coordination, correction and decisions before execution.

In addition, the AEC Collection has allowed to have fewer rework, make a more efficient use of resources, time and costs allows to detect collisions automatically and communicate with the different dependencies through incidents.

Interoperability with the ACC platform allows to exchange information with other organizations and knowledge in the framework processes of other businesses and to be able to work on mutually beneficial objectives.


The AEC Collection and the ACC platform are complete tools where you have 2D, 3D files, documents, Excel boxes, plans, among others, to be able to visualize all the types of files without leaving the platform and interact with other dependencies without restriction of use of the software generating a profit for the execution of the projects.

In addition, collaborative management where the work is involved has led to greater productivity, effective communication and elimination of errors in the duplication of information, in a collaborative environment for decision making and timely corrective action in real time, integrating people and processes.

Hand in hand with MCAD you will always find an ally that helps with the adoption of all the tools for an ideal collaborative process in an office and work environment.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

120 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection
  • AutoCAD
  • BIM 360 Build
  • BIM 360 Team
  • BIM Collaborate
  • Build
  • Docs
  • Dynamo Studio
  • Navisworks
  • Revit
  • AutoCAD

Services Provided

  • BIM
  • BIM/CAD Standards
  • Migration
  • Assessment of Needs
  • Implementation
  • Process Automation
  • Workflow Optimization
  • 3D Modeling
  • Installation
  • Configuration & Deployment
  • System & Software Maintenance
  • System Integration
  • Training

Customer Industry

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