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BCR Converts Department Platforms to a Team Function with Fusion 360 Manage

Customer Challenge

As their customers, partners, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders grew, BCR recognized the need to replace the individual platforms used by multiple departments; each department was accessing various tools and databases, which became a challenge to manage, and the need to unify under a single platform became apparent. 

Project Goals

“In addition to Salesforce, Autodesk Vault, QuickBooks, and other systems used by departments, individuals stored files on their computers,” said Beth Austin, Lead Contracts Administrator, BCR. “To achieve our vision of being the best, most reliable, and most trusted company in the industry, we needed to intertwine all the different spokes of our day-to-day operations under one product lifecycle management (PLM) platform.”


To develop a full picture of BCR’s technology needs and requirements, Beth met with individuals from several departments, including Engineering, Procurement, Transportation Disposition, Operations and Maintenance, Chemical Management, Sales, and Accounting. After identifying each department’s requirements, she reached out to her account manager at Autodesk Solution Provider IMAGINiT Technologies to discuss PLM solutions. “Everyone at IMAGINiT had always been accommodating, quick to respond, and easy to work with for Autodesk software products, training, and support, so we didn’t even consider checking with a different company,” said Beth.

The IMAGINiT account manager brought in an expert from their dedicated PLM team, and together they developed a solution that included: 

  • Implementing Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage (formerly Fusion Lifecycle), which met their needs of a centralized location for project documents and customer information and of automating workflows between departments and with customers and suppliers 
  • Customizing out-of-the-box workflows to meet BCR’s specific needs 
  • Leading “train the trainer” sessions with Beth to give her the knowledge she needed to effectively train the end users 
  • Providing ongoing support for answers to questions that could stall projects if not addressed quickly and correctly  

Business Outcome

Most BCR departments are connected under Fusion 360 Manage and are functioning as a team with all data merged into one database. The departments now use workflows within the system for approvals, eliminating management by email and process redundancies. With the new PLM platform, BCR also experiences these additional efficiencies and benefits: 

  • Employees from all locations access documents and customer information from a central location in the Cloud 
  • Service and Operations teams connect easily with Accounting, which is still using QuickBooks 
  • Engineering change orders and requests connect directly with customers and suppliers
  • Chemical management services connect directly with customers and suppliers
  • Upcoming and future projects are managed in the system, and through an Inquiry to Order process, are automatically merged into a customer file when the contract is signed


“Fusion 360 Manage is delivering the value we needed and expected,” said Beth. “We recently renewed our three-year contract with additional training hours, so we won’t experience any lag in productivity when questions arise.” 

In addition to partnering with IMAGINiT on its PLM solution, BCR regularly shares information with their account manager about their quarterly initiatives and priorities. “Whenever we have a question or new idea, my first call is to IMAGINiT,” said Beth. “I know I can count on them to listen and provide guidance that will help us meet our goals.”

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

8 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Fusion 360 Manage

Services Provided

  • Implementation
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Configuration & Deployment
  • System Integration

Customer Industry

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