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Automated Computer-Aided Manufacturing

Customer Challenge

The A. W. Cash Company was incorporated on November 13, 1920, with production operations of the company located in Decatur, Illinois. In 1934, the Riley Stoker Corporation of Worcester, Mass., acquired the stock of the A. W. Cash Company. The name of the A. W. Cash Company was changed to Cashco, Incorporated on February 18, 1972. Some of the challenges that they face is manual programming process for shop floor CNC machines was consuming too much of their time causing excessive loss of production time while limiting product through-put. They were having to maintain too many controls, code variations, and tooling. In addition to that, manual processes made planning and machine usage time estimates difficult at best and excessive machine tool setup time.

Project Goals

There are few goals that D3 Technologies would like to achieve with Cashco. One of it is by increasing the production with the use of Autodesk Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). Next is minimizing the number of errors on the controls due to manual programming with code variations. Minimize the machine tool setup time through automated tool selection in Autodesk CAM per machine. Besides that, maximizing the output to machines through faster programming and code generation. Lastly, by expanding machine tool capabilities through complex toolpaths and synchronization in Autodesk CAM.


Cashco, Inc. engaged D3 Technologies to guide them through the installation and implementation of Autodesk’s FeatureCAM for all their machines as well as the development of related “post-processers” along with the creation of tool libraries.

Business Outcome

The project resulted, through the application of Autodesk FeatureCAM, in a significant increase of production by developing speedier programs, more efficient planning processes while, providing better planning and time estimates on machine usage, and finally, more machining capabilities through the application of Autodesk CAM, to all aspects of their processes.


Autodesk FeatureCAM has allowed us to greatly reduce our machine downtime and standardize material processes in many ways. It has also given us more time to improve designs for easier assembly and machinability. Using features like the “backcutting” and “vortex” toolpaths has allowed us to rough turn and mill material much faster than traditional toolpaths. Autodesk FeatureCAM also makes it easy to program complex milling features on our live tooling lathes cutting down on multiple setups and operations. Cashco can remain competitive in the ever-changing world of manufacturing and machining for many years to come.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

500 days

Autodesk Solutions

    Services Provided

    • Configuration & Deployment

    Customer Industry

    • Design & Manufacturing
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