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Autodesk Vault & coolOrange powerJobs Streamlines Processes for Ameren Transmission

Customer Challenge

Ameren Transmission, one of the nation’s top transmission infrastructure developers, needed help managing their data. After migrating over a quarter million files into Autodesk® Vault software, Ameren Transmission wanted a customized PDF generation solution to create and update PDFs of drawings with or without lifecycle state changes. Additionally, the drawings were captured in various complex ways. Some were captured in TIFF format. Others were original AutoCAD® model-space drawings or TIFF format redrawn in AutoCAD model space. Finally, the new company standard was to use AutoCAD paper space.  The company needed the flexibility to automatically generate PDFs in all these situations.

Project Goals

The Ameren Transmission team needed to migrate and repair all of their files, and prepare to generate new PDFs using custom settings for file naming convention, file location, and data verification.


Hagerman & Company’s Professional Services team leveraged coolOrange powerJobs software to enhance the Autodesk Vault Job Processor. The team developed a custom script that allowed batch processing of drawings created in many different ways to produce a consistent PDF version of the drawing. The Vault Job Processor functionality enhanced by powerJobs also addresses long standing data migration issues related to insufficient metadata transfer. The Hagerman team helped by providing plug-ins and methods to create PDF drawings on an as-needed basis and automatically on drawing release.

Business Outcome

The solution provided by Hagerman & Company has resulted in significant time savings.  Process automation also significantly reduced the chance of human error in the system, increasing the reliability of data, PDFs, and drawings moving forward.  Ameren Transmission’s new customized script is performing work that would otherwise require three or four full-time employees to accomplish.

As a result of this project, Ameren Transmission has improved performance with fewer resources, which reduces e-waste and allows a larger budget for other departments to focus on vegetation and wildlife needs.


“We always feel like Hagerman is in our corner. They have been quick to help us troubleshoot problems from simple user error to ever-changing business requirements and even software issues directly to the developer on our behalf. They are always ready for a challenge and can come up with solutions in a flash.” 

- Steven Jacquin, Ameren Transmission

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

180 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Vault

Services Provided

  • Installation
  • Configuration & Deployment
  • System & Software Maintenance
  • System Integration
  • Updates & Upgrades
  • Training

Customer Industry

  • Utilities & Telecommunications
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