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ASI Improves Efficiencies and Upskills Employees with ProductivityNOW

Customer Challenge

Automatic Systems (ASI) maintains an exceptional staff of engineers experienced in the mechanical, civil, structural, software, and electrical disciplines.

When Tanya St. Julian-Alexander joined ASI as the Talent Development Manager, one of her responsibilities was work with Mike Wohletz, CAD Manager, and Kendall Miles, Human Resources Generalist, to evaluate, select, and set up a learning management system that would house all their asset libraries in one location, bale to provide advanced search capabilities, so engineers could easily find the information needed and enable managers to track documents accessed and tasks completed by over 300 platform users.

Project Goals

“ASI had information stored in several locations, so people spent too much time searching,” said Tanya. “We needed a system that would speed up the process, ensure everyone accessed the correct information, and provide managers with tools to track user activity.” 

In addition to a system that could store company-specific material, Mike was looking for one that came with a robust amount of material on software such as Autodesk AutoCAD and Autodesk Inventor. Access to pre-populated information would reduce the time the ASI engineers spent documenting workflows, tips and tricks, and lessons learned on software products they used often.


Having worked with IMAGINiT in the past, Mike introduced ASI to IMAGINiT for previous projects. When he started working with Tanya and Kendall on the learning management system project, he talked with them about ProductivityNOW. ProductivityNOW is IMAGINiT’s eLearning platform that can house a company’s assets as well as provide access to hundreds of selfpaced, video-enhanced eLearning courses on Autodesk software products. 

Together, Mike, Tanya, and Kendall evaluated ProductivityNOW and initially determined that it did not meet all their needs. They shared their feedback with IMAGINiT, who shared it with Eagle Point, the company that builds the engine behind ProductivityNOW. 

“About a year later, when IMAGINiT presented ProductivityNOW to the three of us again, it was clear that they had listened,” said Tanya. “We were impressed with many updates, including the polished look and enhanced functionality of the dashboard, the flexibility to change things like colors and the position of boxes, the ability to add content, the linking capabilities, and the ability to place bookmarks in videos.”

After IMAGINiT demonstrated that ProductivityNOW would help them achieve their goals, ASI engaged IMAGINiT to deliver a comprehensive solution that included: 

  1. A kick-off meeting to highlight the rollout process 
  2. Weekly meetings to: • Provide advice on how to structure the libraries of ASI assets • Discuss progress and next steps • Assign tasks 
  3. Rolling out ProductivityNOW access to ASI employees 
  4. A live, online session with employees to introduce the eLearning platform and demonstrate how to use it 
  5. Ongoing meetings to check on adoption and help ensure continued success  

Business Outcome

ProductivityNOW is up and running at ASI. Tanya and Mike are populating the libraries with company-specific assets, and engineers and designers are starting to turn to the Autodesk-approved content for fast, accurate answers to workflow questions. Mike said, “By empowering employees to easily search for and find answers, we are helping them build their confidence in the use of the software, ensuring the answers they get are correct, and speeding up the process, because they no longer need to wait for me to respond to their questions.” ASI also used ProductivityNOW to assign a cyber security course to everyone in the company, track completions, and notify individuals that missed the deadline.


As adoption of ProductivityNOW increases across the company, ASI will expand its use. For example, they would like to use the KnowledgeSmart component of ProductivityNOW to assess the knowledge of job applicants to verify skills and identify training needs early, so new hires can become contributing members to the team more quickly. 

“Kendall and I have joined Mike in being strong supporters of IMAGINiT and ProductivityNOW,” said Tanya. “IMAGINiT proved that they truly want to provide a product that meets the needs of their customers. By welcoming our comments and responding to questions quickly and thoroughly, they demonstrated a level of customer service we rarely see.”

Project Summary

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5 days

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