Success Story

Revit Model Consulting

Customer Challenge

George Vaeth and Associates (GVA) had a contract with a customer to do a building model using Revit. The customer asked GVA to make significant modifications to the building within a tight timeframe. GVA reached out to CADD Microsystems seeking assistance with making the modifications to ensure they would be completed by the deadline.

Project Goals

The most important aspect of this project was to be able to complete the building modifications within the required deadline and budget.  It was important to not have to allocate more time and money towards completing the model. Ownership was originally worried about hiring an hourly consultant, because the budget did not allow for them to run out of hours before completing the project.


Our consultants were able to work directly with the team at GVA and assist with the major modifications which included adding additional stories to the building in the middle of the model.  Due to the extensive knowledge of Revit that our team of consultants have from years of experience, they were able to provide them with the expertise to get the model completed in a faster timeframe than they could have done on their own.

Business Outcome

CADD was able to complete the project with additional hours still available for GVA to use.  Our team was also able to assist with other aspects of the project that were not originally a part of the scoped work.  This allowed GVA to complete the full project for the customer within the required time and budget for their customer.


GVA was so thrilled with the results of this project that they extended their consulting contract with CADD.  CADD Microsystems and GVA have had a continued partnership since this first project.  GVA works closely with our consultants, having them assist with other projects and Revit models as necessary.

Project Summary

Delivery Date


Project Duration

14 days

Autodesk Solutions

  • Revit

Services Provided

  • Managed Services & Outsourcing
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