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Hagerman & Company



Who are we? As an Autodesk Platinum Partner, Hagerman & Company provides Autodesk software, training, support, and consulting services. Our experienced team of industry-leading consultants, certified trainers, and expert support staff have partnered with companies across the nation to become more productive and bring projects to market.

Why should you choose Hagerman? At Hagerman, we take customer success seriously. In fact, our CEO personally reads all customer experience surveys that we receive. We are especially proud to have received the “Best In Class Customer Service Award” from Autodesk in 2022. 

The Hub – an exclusive perk! All Hagerman customers with subscription contracts receive exclusive access to The Hub – a member-only site that provides exclusive access to free upgrade training classes, technical webcasts, tips and tricks, and other informational content.

Autodesk Affiliations

  • Autodesk Technology Partner
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    • BIM 360 Integration Partner
  • Autodesk Learning Partner
    • Autodesk Academic Partner Program
    • Autodesk Authorized Training Center
    • Autodesk Certified Instructor
  • Autodesk Solution Provider
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Locations Served

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Autodesk Specialized Partners are distinguished by their dynamic capacity, capabilities, proven customer success, and service delivery excellence. Specializations differentiate Autodesk partners based on their proven ability to deliver on desired customer outcomes through three tiers of achievement: Associate, Expert, and Master.

Partners that have achieved a Master Specialization badge have met the highest Autodesk standards of proven customer success and service delivery expertise within a given specialized Autodesk product group.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction


Product Design & Manufacturing



These Autodesk Solutions have been identified by the Partner as solutions that they have expertise with and can support through their services organization.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Advance Steel
Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection
BIM 360
BIM 360 Build
BIM 360 Cost
BIM 360 Plan
BIM 360 Team
BIM Collaborate
Civil 3D
Dynamo Studio
Fabrication CAMduct
Fabrication ESTmep
Formit Pro
Point Layout
ReCap Pro
Revit LT
Robot Structual Analysis Professional
Structural Bridge Design
Vehicle Tracking

Product Design & Manufacturing

Autodesk HSM
Autodesk Nastran In-CAD
Configurator 360
Fusion 360
Fusion 360 - Additive Build Extension
Fusion 360 - Generative Design Extension
Fusion 360 - Machining Extension
Fusion 360 - Nesting & Fabrication Extension
Fusion 360 - Product Design Extension
Fusion 360 - Simulation Extension
Fusion 360 for Manufacturing
Fusion 360 for Product Design
Fusion 360 Manage
Fusion 360 with Netfabb
Fusion 360 with PowerMill
Inventor Nastran
Netfabb Local Simulation
Product Design & Manufacturing Collection
Vault PLM

Media & Entertainment

3ds Max
Maya LT
Media & Entertainment Collection


Accreditation helps educate, measure, and recognize our partners and their consultants for investing in customer success practices and services delivery. Accreditation is earned by completing a knowledge check on the topic, delivering the service to a customer, and having a positive review on the service delivery.

Optimize Accelerators

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

  • BIM 360 Design Starter Pack
  • BIM 360 Docs Starter Pack
  • Civil 3D Starter Pack
  • Dynamo Starter Pack (Buildings)
  • Revit (Architecture) Starter Pack
  • Revit Project Health Check
  • Revit Starter Pack (General)

Product Design & Manufacturing

  • Fusion 360: CAD Starter Pack
  • Inventor HSM Starter Pack
  • Vault Starter Pack


  • Consulting Implementation Framework Overview
  • Project Management Workshop Overview
  • Technical Product Support Accreditation

Success Stories

Explore documented success stories and testimonials featuring the value of Autodesk technology and Partner services delivered to solve for critical business requirements and desired customer outcomes.

Collier Associates Tackles Document Management with Autodesk Docs
Collier Associates, Inc., a Kentucky-based engineering firm that supports multidiscipline engineering design projects for many of the region’s leading facilities, has been quickly expanding over the past few years. Taking on larger and more complex engineering projects revealed issues with their standard project document management system. With their forecast showing continued growth, they knew it was time to address their drawings and document management solution.
Urban Accessories Manages Design Changes with Upchain
Urban Accessories, a Washington-based metal fabricating firm, has used Autodesk Inventor® for mechanical design for five years and was interested in a solution to manage design changes. They contacted Hagerman & Company to discuss Autodesk® Vault as a possible option. After a discovery call and demonstration of Upchain, they realized it was preferable to Vault for several reasons: The cost of implementation was low compared to Vault, the hosted solution meant no server or hardware to purchase and maintain, and ease of use.
Autodesk Vault & coolOrange powerJobs Streamlines Processes for Ameren Transmission
Ameren Transmission, one of the nation’s top transmission infrastructure developers, needed help managing their data. After migrating over a quarter million files into Autodesk® Vault software, Ameren Transmission wanted a customized PDF generation solution to create and update PDFs of drawings with or without lifecycle state changes. Additionally, the drawings were captured in various complex ways. Some were captured in TIFF format. Others were original AutoCAD® model-space drawings or TIFF format redrawn in AutoCAD model space. Finally, the new company standard was to use AutoCAD paper space.  The company needed the flexibility to automatically generate PDFs in all these situations.
Autodesk Docs Enables Improved Project Communication for Shuler Shook
Shuler Shook, an internationally recognized design firm, specializing in Architectural Lighting Design, Theatre Planning, and Audio Video Design, was looking for more efficient collaboration and communication during the project design and development stage. They needed a solution that would reduce errors due to inadequate communication and allow the entire design team to access accurate data at all times during the project. They also wanted the ability to keep a clean BIM workflow using only Autodesk® software.
Vault Professional Improves Workflow Functionality for CALPIA
California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) is a self-supporting, customer-focused business that reduces recidivism, increases prison safety, and enhances public safety by providing offenders with productive work and training opportunities. The furniture division of CALPIA needed improved quality control of delivered products to their customers, leading to higher operating costs for the division. Shipping costs on returns were high, and delays in fulfilling replacements were causing less than positive experiences for their customers.
iLogic Customization Increases Efficiency for Benda Conveyor Solutions
Benda Conveyor Solutions' engineering department relies on custom iLogic code to automate some of their Autodesk Inventor operations. One feature of the company's iLogic code required an employee to manually select "enter" after each part generation. With one assembly potentially containing over a hundred sheet metal parts, this minor annoyance added up to a significant time-management issue.
M. D. Henry Company Streamlines Process to Create Parts
M. D. Henry Company, Inc. of Alabama generates and distributes power, supplying batteries, chargers, regulators, breakers, transformers, and other substation equipment to clients worldwide.At the outset of the project, M. D. Henry was using an existing application to create parts in SolidWorks®.  This application needed to be updated to make the parts in Autodesk Inventor®.
Studio Eight Design Builds Success with BIM360 and Hagerman Training
In 2005, Studio Eight Design decided to incorporate Autodesk Revit and slowly transition from using 2D AutoCAD drafting software to implementing Building Information Modeling for their primary architectural software design tool. Hagerman provided the necessary training for their increased level of use of Revit and delivered technical support for maximizing the capabilities of Revit as a visualization tool and a tool for increased efficiency and communication among the design team.
Vanair Manufacturing Receives Customized Support from Hagerman
Vanair developed a new separator tank design for their PTO-powered compressed air system. The CEO then requested a new pre-heating system for cold weather applications. Previous systems used heating blankets which took too much electricity and time. The new system directs the hot engine-cooling fluid through the separator tank and control manifold, enabling the system to warm up before reaching the job site. Vanair needed to show customers with cold-weather applications how the new system worked
AutoCAD Plant 3D + Hagerman Technical Expertise Help Dynamic 3D Solutions Generate Business Win
Dynamic 3D Solutions is a full-service design firm specializing in industrial plant design, 3D laser scanning, and 3D modeling services. They had a client in need of help on a large construction project, which involved installing a new storage tank and piping system to optimize maintenance access to the tank. The project had a tight schedule during a critical plant shutdown period leaving no room for error. The delivery had to be accurate and efficient.
Vault Professional Implementation Improves Facility Management for CMS Documentation Services
CMS Documentation Services has a biotech client with a 100,000+ square foot facility. Version tracking was a must-have requirement. The client contracted CMS Documentation Services to create a database of these files to be accessible in a centralized data repository for the facilities teams. CMS contacted Hagerman & Company to find out the best way to implement this system to fulfill the client's wishes.
Hagerman Training and Support Helps Client Create Effective Simulations
As a custom machine builder, early approval of the design concept is very important for Planet Tool & Engineering. At Hagerman & Company, we looked for ways to explain and illustrate machine functionality to the customer so they can make knowledgeable decisions based on their end needs. Simulation software is a great way to effectively demonstrate operational characteristics and obtain design verification. Once it is obtained, the detailed design is completed and sent to production.



Medium (21-99 employees)




  • English
  • Specialization

    Design & Manufacturing Cloud

    Design & Manufacturing Cloud specialized partners help customers optimize the Fusion 360 integrated CAD/CAM/CAE cloud-based platform for business process improvements including advanced design, advanced machining, and additive manufacturing to design for specific materials and manufacturing techniques, produce lighter, stronger, better performing parts, and reduce material wastage and cost.

    Building Architecture

    Building Architecture specialized partners are focused on Autodesk solutions and services to optimize building design through improved team collaboration, improved data handover, reduced overall design time and increased workoad capacity.

    Civil Infrastructure

    Civil Infrastructure specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for delivering successful advanced design projects that include roads, highways, bridges, railways, and/or water infrastructure requirements.

    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk BIM solutions to improve productivity, design and fabricate better building systems, create model-based project estimates, and efficiently add MEP components to designs.

    Plant Design

    Plant Design specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to design, build and operate high performing industrial and manufacturing plants.

    Structural Engineering & Fabrication

    Structural Engineering & Fabrication specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for effective design, detailing, and creation of parts, assemblies, building systems, or structures from steel, concrete, and other materials.

    Pre-Construction Design & Planning

    Pre-Construction Design & Planning specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver BIM design authoring and collaboration, project planning and coordination, BIM data management, quantification and bid management.

    Site Construction & Operations

    Site Construction & Operations specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver project management, cost management, field collaboration, quality and safety management, project closeout and facilities management.

    Advanced Materials Analysis

    Advanced Materials Analysis specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver advanced simulation, injection molding and progressive failure analysis.

    Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

    Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk digital manufacturing solutions to deliver additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, and generative design.

    Industrial Design & Visualization

    Industrial Design & Visualization specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to create, analyze, visualize, and communicate design intent and aesthetics before building a physical prototype including 3D virtual prototyping for automotive design.

    Product Design & Manufacturing

    Product Design & Manufacturing specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver product performance, operational efficiency, innovation capacity and simulation fundamentals including mechanical and fluid simulation, stress analysis and finite element analysis (FEA).

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to manage complex product information, engineering and manufacturing workflows, and enterprise-wide collaboration for all involved in the product lifecycle - from engineering and supply chain to quality and manufacturing.

    Advanced Design

    Advanced Design specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for simulation and generative design solutions to design and engineer products with optimized aesthetics, form, fit, and function.

    Advanced Machining

    Advanced Machining specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling additional high-end machining capabilities including advanced 3- and 5-axis strategies, toolpath optimization, and process automation.

    Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling machinery to produce lighter, stronger, and better performing parts whilst also reducing material wastage and cost.

    Advanced Mill Simulation

    Advanced Mill Simulation specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for post-processing, verification, and simulation using multi-axis milling machines.

    Media & Entertainment Industry

    Media & Entertainment Industry specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering.

    Production Management

    Media & Entertainment Production Management specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to streamline creative workflows, enable resources with superior project planning and scheduling capabilities, and keep teams connected and collaborating in the cloud anytime, anywhere.