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Graitec | We are an international Autodesk Platinum Reseller and Structural Analysis & Design software developer with presence across Europe, UK, USA (Applied Software), Canada. As accredited partners of Autodesk, Microsoft, and HP, and as the original developers of Autodesk Advance Steel, Robot Structural Analysis software, and a suite of Revit productivity tools, our professional  team has a history of delivering successful solutions and customer outcomes. Our service offerings range from Software Training, Consultancy, Manufacturing and BIM implementation services, to VR, Visualisation, and small-to-large-scale Software Development for local and international business clients. You'll be able to get a better overview of our experience by visiting our services pages and we look forward to helping you with your inquiry. Thanks for visiting.

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Autodesk Specialized Partners are distinguished by their dynamic capacity, capabilities, proven customer success, and service delivery excellence. Specializations differentiate Autodesk partners based on their proven ability to deliver on desired customer outcomes through three tiers of achievement: Associate, Expert, and Elite.

Partners that have achieved an Elite Specialization badge have met the highest Autodesk standards of proven customer success and service delivery expertise within a given specialized Autodesk product group.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction


Product Design & Manufacturing


Media & Entertainment



These Autodesk Solutions have been identified by the Partner as solutions that they have expertise with and can support through their services organization.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Advance Steel
Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection
BIM 360
BIM 360 Build
BIM 360 Cost
BIM 360 Plan
BIM 360 Team
BIM Collaborate
Civil 3D
Dynamo Studio
Fabrication CADmep
Fabrication CAMduct
Fabrication ESTmep
Formit Pro
Point Layout
ReCap Pro
Revit LT
Robot Structual Analysis Professional
Structural Bridge Design
Vehicle Tracking

Product Design & Manufacturing

Autodesk CAMplete TruePath
Autodesk CAMplete TurnMill
Autodesk HSM
Autodesk Nastran In-CAD
Autodesk Within Medical
Configurator 360
Fusion 360
Fusion 360 - Additive Build Extension
Fusion 360 - Generative Design Extension
Fusion 360 - Machining Extension
Fusion 360 - Nesting & Fabrication Extension
Fusion 360 - Product Design Extension
Fusion 360 - Simulation Extension
Fusion 360 for Manufacturing
Fusion 360 for Product Design
Fusion 360 Manage
Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM
Fusion 360 with Netfabb
Fusion 360 with PowerInspect
Fusion 360 with PowerMill
Fusion 360 with PowerShape
Inventor Nastran
Netfabb Local Simulation
Post Processor
Product Design & Manufacturing Collection
Vault PLM

Media & Entertainment

3ds Max
Media & Entertainment Collection


Accreditation helps educate, measure, and recognize our partners and their consultants for investing in customer success practices and services delivery. Accreditation is earned by completing a knowledge check on the topic, delivering the service to a customer, and having a positive review on the service delivery.

Optimize Accelerators

Architecture, Engineering & Construction

  • BIM 360 Build Starter Pack
  • BIM 360 Design Starter Pack
  • BIM 360 Docs Starter Pack
  • Dynamo Starter Pack (Buildings)
  • MEP Fabrication Starter Pack
  • Revit (Architecture) Starter Pack
  • Revit (Structure) Starter Pack
  • Revit Project Health Check
  • Revit Starter Pack (General)
  • Revit Starter Pack (MEP)

Product Design & Manufacturing

  • Fusion 360: CAD Starter Pack
  • Inventor Health Check
  • Inventor iLogic Starter Pack
  • Model for Manufacture Starter Pack
  • Vault Starter Pack


  • Consulting Implementation Framework Overview
  • Technical Product Support Accreditation

Success Stories

Explore documented success stories and testimonials featuring the value of Autodesk technology and Partner services delivered to solve for critical business requirements and desired customer outcomes.

How to Manage 11,000 Radio Base Stations Thanks to BIM
La SIA SpA is an architecture and engineering company and represents one of the great Italian industrial groups with 150 staff members based in nine offices in Italy and one abroad. It provides its customers, partners and collaborators with excellent services based on integrated design and cutting-edge research and development activities. The expertise of La SIA SpA in the development of digital processes for the management of infrastructure assets has grown a lot in the last four years. Starting in 2017, they successfully produced and delivered to their customers over 11,000 sites that were created using Autodesk Revit as the primary BIM design tool. Each Revit model contains a large dataset of geometry and data information. The company invested months of activity into researching and developing BIM standards and guidelines to reach this level. This fundamental planning approach has led to the definition of the rules of modelling and construction for digital objects.
Graitec and Autodesk Combine to Help Penta Rise to the CAM Machining Challenge
Penta Precision Engineering is a specialist engineering company focused on providing a high-quality precision machining service to customers to an ISO 9001 quality accredited standard. The company works for customers across a wide range of industry sectors from aerospace to marine equipment, from medical devices to military cameras and manages machining requirements for these businesses, using modern computer numerical control (CNC) machines, quick set tooling and fixtures and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) techniques to ensure designs meet exacting client requirements and deliver quality parts, including jigs and fixtures. The company needed to continuously evolve its tooling design to keep up with industry demands and the requirements of its mainly project-based customers.
Adoption of Automation to Reduce Time Spent on Design Tasks and Reduce Errors
Visobath is dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of bathroom furniture, and thanks to effort and innovation, has become a benchmark in the furniture industry. Since its inception in Visobath, they have worked to offer the best solutions for the bathroom of their customers with innovative and quality products and good service and customer support. In the Visohome Group, a business group to which Visobath belongs, Covid-19 has significantly impacted working. They decided to review all jobs, establish protocols to guarantee the safety of their workers and, fundamentally, promote the use of telematics tools. The biggest challenge they have faced at the organizational level has been the adaptation to remote teamwork, so they have implemented tools so that the computer can stay connected.
Improve Product Efficiency and Competitiveness with Autodesk Software
SMI s.p.a. based in Bergamo, Italy, produces blow moulding machines for pet bottles, fillers, automatic packaging machines, palletisers, and complete bottling lines. The challenges they faced were that they were required to have visual communication related to a product still in the conception / production phase and having a component fundamental for the subsequent development and commercialisation process.
How Graitec and Autodesk Software have helped Stelling Properties Achieve Integration, Collaboration and High-Quality Design Outcomes
Stelling Properties is a multi-sector development company, which has an integrated approach to construction design. It is a vital element of the company's manufacturing of state-of-the-art modular systems from its dedicated factory in the UK. Modular design allows it to create a successful balance between standardisation and leveraging offsite value (quality/cost/control) and the variability and high-quality context-driven architecture its sites require. Stelling believes that getting this balance right brings great value to its customers and that the software infrastructure it provides supports and facilitates this and is necessary to its success. It also sees huge benefits in bringing offsite manufacture to the development process. It can bring precision to its product and control over materials and finishes quality, which is not always possible in traditional construction.
The Digitalisation of the Basque Government's Rental Social Housing Stock through the BIM Methodology
Since the beginning of 2019, the Basque consultancy Berrilan BIM has worked as expert technical assistance in the BIM methodology for Alokabide. The public company depends on the Basque Government to develop the social function of housing through the rental policy. These works based on the BIM methodology are included in the set of actions marked in the Zero @ Plana Plan: high efficiency in public rent, as part of the Digitalisation project of the Social Housing Park for rent in Alokabide. The initiative is based on the pioneering analysis of the future of the existing park and the new model of the management of public rental housing in the face of the challenge of climate change. "The main objective is to provide us with tools that meet current and future needs to the modelling and maintenance of a public real estate stock that requires a rigorous control of the state, spending and security," explains Carlos Orbea Ascaso, Technical Director Alokabide.
Seamless Integration with Autodesk Revit
STAIRCRAFT GROUP designs and manufactures building products, such as staircases, floorkits I-joists, doorkits and painted profiles. In recent years, Staircraft has seen a key new trend emerging in the marketplace - a growing proportion of the larger housebuilders and increasingly architects are starting to move over to Autodesk® Revit® building information modelling (BIM) software for building design, visualisation, and analysis. This presented a challenge and an opportunity, and they needed to find a way of creating links between Revit and the output generated from its stair and floor design software.
JFS Architectes Mastered BIM Collaborate During the Lockdown
JFS Architectes is an architectural practice based in Paris. After carrying out several major projects at Renzo Piano, Jean-François Schmit inaugurated JFS Architectes with his closest collaborators. Since 1985, the team has successfully carried out numerous projects and now specialises in various sectors, such as maintenance centres, office buildings, schools, residential housing, and cultural and sports facilities. Raimundo Lopez, Associate Architect and BIM Manager says: "We need to convince the client that not only does our project meet their basic needs, but that it is also the most attractive option available, whilst respecting financial constraints. I think achieving all of this is our main challenge today. While this is not a new challenge, today's major difference is communication for the architect. Through photorealistic images, 360° images and virtual reality."
Digitalisation in Building Design: Graitec is an Effective Partner for BIM
For the planners and architects of buildings for healthcare and public property developers, the topic of BIM is less of unknown territory and more of a proven application for successful work. Whilst this is now the case for BFT Planung GmbH from Aachen, it wasn't always the case. A nationwide full-service provider with around 130 employees has been able to rely on the support of an experienced software partner. Graitec, an international developer of BIM software and Autodesk Platinum Partner, has been responsible for CAD support for the Aachen-based planners. From the start, the management of BFT was very open to the prospect of BIM. However, many support requests to the Graitec Helpdesk showed that AutoCAD alone no longer met the needs and requirements of the project teams. Therefore, a comprehensive analysis of the company's software usage was carried out.
Enhanced Data Security for the Manufacturer Sollich KG
With 450 employees, Sollich KG is a family-owned company based in Bad Salzuflen who designs and manufactures machines for temperature control, covering, decorating, and cooling chocolate. It sounds a bit like paradise; Sollich KG from Bad Salzuflen deals almost exclusively with the production of chocolates. However, the mechanical engineering company does not focus on the enjoyment of these fine products, rather on the design of the production systems. The family business has over 100 years of history, and Sollich KG machines can now be found in chocolate factories worldwide. The machines and production lines are designed in 3D with Autodesk Inventor to ensure this world-renowned quality. The 35 designers currently use Productstream Professional (PSP) as drawing management software. However, with no updates for PSP since 2017 and thus no possibility to use newer software versions of programmes such as Inventor, those responsible decided to switch to Autodesk Vault a few years ago.
M Subs Ltd: Improving Productivity with Autodesk Inventor
M Subs Ltd is an organisation that specialises in the design, manufacture and operation of manned and unmanned submersibles for Submarines / Vehicles for defense, research, and commercial survey within the military and commercial markets. Their main issue was that they used 2D CAD software, and they needed to create intricate designs with analysis data and were looking for a partner to assist with their requirements.
BIM Crosses the Sky of Casablanca: BIS Structures uses Autodesk Solutions to Increase Project Efficiency and Reduce Errors
BIS Structures stands out for being at the forefront of the implementation of the most advanced structural design technologies, with the aim of offering the best level of comprehensive service to its customers. The project challenge was focused on developing a skyscraper of almost 200 m high with 3 basements and a commercial basement formed by 2 buildings of 8 floors above ground.
How Graitec and Autodesk Software Helped Increase Control over 3D Objects and Rebar
DBA Group is an independent holding company specialized in the provision of Consulting, Architecture, Engineering, Project Management and IT & C solutions focused on lifecycle management for buildings and mission-critical infrastructure. The Group operates through 14 offices in Italy and ten abroad, employing over 650 people and helping more than 400 clients. Founded 29 years ago, they have always been keen on how technology can make them more competitive and enable them to expand into new markets.
How Graitec and Autodesk Software Helped Transition MTD Studio from CAD to BIM
MTD Studio di Ingegneria is an Italian design and consultancy firm engaged in the civil, commercial, industrial and infrastructure fields for thirty years, with a portfolio of over 1,800 projects. Their clients include architectural firms, building technicians, construction companies, manufacturing companies, commercial firms, public bodies, and investment companies. For rebar detailing, the main challenge was to model all the bars from all the elements. Knowing there would be many changes to follow on such a complex project, the revisions needed to be kept at a minimum.
Byrom Associates Steels Itself for the Future with Autodesk Detailing Software
In the past, Byrom Associates used the Autodesk AutoCAD® 2D drafting tool to detail their steelwork manually. While AutoCAD is an excellent tool, in this context, it was being used as part of a time-consuming error-prone manual process. As Chris Hurst, Byrom Associates, points out: “We used to produce all our steel fabrication drawings by hand. We were mainly using AutoCAD to do 2D line drawings and draw the steel elements one at a time, line by line. There was no 3D model and that made the checking process difficult and time-consuming.” Also, because the work was carried out in 2D, if the detailer made a mistake, it would only get picked up when the timber frame with embedded steel was installed. As a result, considerable expense was incurred.
How Graitec and Cloud-Based Autodesk Software have Transformed the Design Culture at BIM3
BIM3 assists with setting up and administering BIM on projects, including writing Employers Information Requirements and BIM Execution Plans, and implementing software. Whenever BIM3 wins a new contract or receives a new order, they need to be able to respond quickly. Doing that effectively relies on having access to the latest design software, a robust systems architecture and high-quality services and support.
A Vision for the Future of Innovative Design and Sustainable Construction
Paris-based architecture firm OuyOut is refurbishing a dilapidated school building into one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the Champagne region of France. OuyOut had the vision and preliminary designs for the CDER building but couldn't confirm that they were down-to-the-millimetre accurate. The original hand drawings weren't specific enough to meet their needs. Even measurements taken using a geographic information system weren't specific enough for such a complex project.
Equitus Engineering: Improves Overall Productivity
Equitus Engineering is a mechanical engineering and innovation company based in Manchester, operating within the mechanical engineering solutions sector. Their main issue was that they were using different software packages with multiple interfaces. This practice was not productive, and they required a Solution Provider with expert knowledge to facilitate one software for all their projects.


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  • BIM
    • API/Script Support
    • BIM/CAD Standards
    • Forge
    • Migration
    • Assessment of Needs
    • Implementation
    • Pipeline Development
    • Process Automation
    • Strategy & Planning
    • Workflow Optimization
    • Optimize Accelerator Delivery
    • 3D Modeling
    • Concept Development
    • Design/Sales Automation
    • Plotting
    • Prototyping
  • Flex
    • Manufacturing
  • Lean Construction
    • 3D Printing
    • CAM Programming
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Injection Molding
    • Machine Configuration
    • Post Processor
    • Sheet Metal
    • Tooling
    • 3D Scanning
    • Motion-Capture
    • Photogrammetry
    • Manufacturing
    • Performance
  • Software Development & Customization
    • Installation
    • Configuration & Deployment
    • System & Software Maintenance
    • System Integration
    • Updates & Upgrades
    • Virtualization
  • Training
    • Animation
    • Augmented Reality (AR)
    • Rendering
    • Virtual Reality (VR)


    • Architecture
    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction
    • Facility Management
    • MEP Engineering
    • Mining & Quarrying
    • Oil & Gas
    • Other Engineering Industries
    • Structural Engineering
    • Utilities & Telecommunications
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    • Design
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  • Specialization

    Design & Manufacturing Cloud

    Design & Manufacturing Cloud specialized partners help customers optimize the Fusion 360 integrated CAD/CAM/CAE cloud-based platform for business process improvements including advanced design, advanced machining, and additive manufacturing to design for specific materials and manufacturing techniques, produce lighter, stronger, better performing parts, and reduce material wastage and cost.

    Building Architecture

    Building Architecture specialized partners are focused on Autodesk solutions and services to optimize building design through improved team collaboration, improved data handover, reduced overall design time and increased workoad capacity.

    Civil Infrastructure

    Civil Infrastructure specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for delivering successful advanced design projects that include roads, highways, bridges, railways, and/or water infrastructure requirements.

    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

    Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk BIM solutions to improve productivity, design and fabricate better building systems, create model-based project estimates, and efficiently add MEP components to designs.

    Plant Design

    Plant Design specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to design, build and operate high performing industrial and manufacturing plants.

    Structural Engineering & Fabrication

    Structural Engineering & Fabrication specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for effective design, detailing, and creation of parts, assemblies, building systems, or structures from steel, concrete, and other materials.

    Pre-Construction Design & Planning

    Pre-Construction Design & Planning specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver BIM design authoring and collaboration, project planning and coordination, BIM data management, quantification and bid management.

    Site Construction & Operations

    Site Construction & Operations specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver project management, cost management, field collaboration, quality and safety management, project closeout and facilities management.

    Advanced Materials Analysis

    Advanced Materials Analysis specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver advanced simulation, injection molding and progressive failure analysis.

    Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

    Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk digital manufacturing solutions to deliver additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, and generative design.

    Industrial Design & Visualization

    Industrial Design & Visualization specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to create, analyze, visualize, and communicate design intent and aesthetics before building a physical prototype including 3D virtual prototyping for automotive design.

    Product Design & Manufacturing

    Product Design & Manufacturing specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver product performance, operational efficiency, innovation capacity and simulation fundamentals including mechanical and fluid simulation, stress analysis and finite element analysis (FEA).

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

    Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to manage complex product information, engineering and manufacturing workflows, and enterprise-wide collaboration for all involved in the product lifecycle - from engineering and supply chain to quality and manufacturing.

    Advanced Design

    Advanced Design specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for simulation and generative design solutions to design and engineer products with optimized aesthetics, form, fit, and function.

    Advanced Machining

    Advanced Machining specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling additional high-end machining capabilities including advanced 3- and 5-axis strategies, toolpath optimization, and process automation.

    Additive Manufacturing

    Additive Manufacturing specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling machinery to produce lighter, stronger, and better performing parts whilst also reducing material wastage and cost.

    Advanced Mill Simulation

    Advanced Mill Simulation specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for post-processing, verification, and simulation using multi-axis milling machines.

    Media & Entertainment Industry

    Media & Entertainment Industry specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering.

    Production Management

    Media & Entertainment Production Management specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to streamline creative workflows, enable resources with superior project planning and scheduling capabilities, and keep teams connected and collaborating in the cloud anytime, anywhere.