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With a team that started on the manufacturing floor, NexGenCAM is here to help you with all of your CAM needs. Our professionals provide years of experience and expertise with Autodesk CAM solutions to assist you with a wide range of services to advance your CAM programming. Equipping you with our post editing and creation skills, interactive training, and a consultative support approach ensure you are successful with your machining. Recognized by Autodesk and the community for our service-driven mindset, we look forward to improving the capability and efficiency of your shop.

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Autodesk Specialized Partners are distinguished by their dynamic capacity, capabilities, proven customer success, and service delivery excellence. Specializations differentiate Autodesk partners based on their proven ability to deliver on desired customer outcomes through three tiers of achievement: Associate, Expert, and Master.

Partners that have achieved a Master Specialization badge have met the highest Autodesk standards of proven customer success and service delivery expertise within a given specialized Autodesk product group.

Product Design & Manufacturing



These Autodesk Solutions have been identified by the Partner as solutions that they have expertise with and can support through their services organization.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction


Product Design & Manufacturing

Autodesk CAMplete TruePath
Autodesk HSM
Autodesk Nastran In-CAD
Autodesk Within Medical
Configurator 360
Fusion 360
Fusion 360 - Machining Extension
Fusion 360 - Product Design Extension
Fusion 360 - Simulation Extension
Fusion 360 for Manufacturing
Fusion 360 for Product Design
Fusion 360 Manage
Fusion 360 with FeatureCAM
Fusion 360 with Netfabb
Fusion 360 with PowerInspect
Fusion 360 with PowerMill
Fusion 360 with PowerShape
Inventor Nastran
Netfabb Local Simulation
Post Processor
Product Design & Manufacturing Collection
Vault PLM

Media & Entertainment



Accreditation helps educate, measure, and recognize our partners and their consultants for investing in customer success practices and services delivery. Accreditation is earned by completing a knowledge check on the topic, delivering the service to a customer, and having a positive review on the service delivery.

Optimize Accelerators

Product Design & Manufacturing

  • FeatureCAM Starter Pack
  • Fusion 360: CAD Starter Pack
  • Fusion 360: CAM Starter Pack
  • Fusion 360: Machining Extension Starter Pack
  • Inventor HSM Starter Pack
  • PartMaker Starter Pack
  • PowerInspect Starter Pack
  • PowerMill Robot Starter Pack
  • PowerMill Starter Pack
  • Vault Starter Pack
  • Vault for MAKE Starter Pack


    Success Stories

    Explore documented success stories and testimonials featuring the value of Autodesk technology and Partner services delivered to solve for critical business requirements and desired customer outcomes.

    Easy-To-Use Autodesk FeatureCAM Drastically Increases Productivity.
    Sinicon Plastics was founded by a man named Tony Sinico. A child of the Great Depression and first generation Italian-American. In 1989, our current owner, David Allen, purchased Sinicon from Tony and his son. When David bought the company there were seven employees and eight machines located in an old, 5,000 sq ft textile mill. Since then the company has evolved into a leading manufacturer of highly technical plastic and silicone parts. Sinicon Plastics is a 3-division entity highly focused on custom molding and general machining. Our work demonstrates our ability to skillfully produce parts with technical dimensions and extremely tight tolerances. Since our founding in 1968, Silicon Plastics has become an industry leader in supplying precision plastic and silicone products to the Aerospace, Railroad, Automotive, and Paper industries. Being a long-time user of Autodesk software we have successfully leveraged Autodesk FeatureCAM throughout our large team of CNC machinists.
    Adding Value In Quoting Jobs With Autodesk FeatureCAM That Used To Be Out Of Reach
    Stark Industrial Inc. is a 3-generation family business started in 1959 as a distributor of cutting tools and industrial supplies.  Over time, we transitioned from a distributor to a manufacturer of precision metal parts and assemblies for a variety of industries. We're also one of the most successful distributors of complex dimensional precision measuring tools in the U.S. because we teach our customers how to use them and we service what we sell.  In 2005 we purchased our first Citizen Swiss CNC machine to meet the increasing requirements of our customers.  Due to the complexity of the machine, we identified the need to purchase a CAM system for programming.
    Comprehensive Programming Solution Delivers Results with Autodesk FeatureCam
    Cast Aluminum Solutions develops and manufactures industrial components, the majority of which have heating or cooling capabilities, for the global aerospace, microelectronics, medical, food service, and industrial fluid markets. CAS products are a critical element of the production process of electronic devices we use every day, the medical equipment that keeps us healthy, and the spacecraft marking pathways to tomorrow. With today’s market being highly competitive we partnered with NexGenCAM to leverage Autodesk’s PartMaker and Autodesk FeatureCAM software to remain at the pinnacle of the industry. 
    Custom Fusion 360 Post Delivered in Under 24 Hours
    Angel City Woodshop was born in early 2016, founded by Paul Moorhead. Paul was a self-taught furniture maker and operated alone for some time. Over the years we have expended into a team and have built a reputation in Los Angeles as one of the premier high-end custom furniture shops in the city. Our goal is to produce pieces that celebrate beauty, craftsmanship, and high design for every client we serve.Like many small businesses, our needs and challenges are always shifting fast. We had long-outgrown our original shop space in Mid-City Los Angeles, and recently moved to a much larger space near downtown. CNC routing has become essential for our process, but we had been using the machine of a neighbor in our old location. When we moved we were finally able purchased a top-of-the-line machine for ourselves.Our machine was made custom and has very specific needs in terms of post-processing. We turned to Autodesk Solution Provider NexGenCAM to custom produce the Fusion 360 post-processor that would maximize the capabilities of our CNC router to meet the needs of our shop.
    Reducing Programming Times by 90%
    Norstar was founded in London, the UK by Chris Bonehill in 1998, initially as a ship brokerage company specialising in Sale and Purchase and newbuilding. In 2001, the office relocated to Monaco to focus on ship owning, investments, and management.Norstar able to deliver safe, efficient, and reliable transportation and logistics services that enable our partners to perform their operations at the highest standards.  NorStar CNC started as a screw machine shop. Integrated into CNC machining back in 2008. In the beginning, all programming was done by hand prior to purchasing CAM software. Knew we needed something to increase our productivity so we reached out to Autodesk and found NexGenCAM through Autodesk. NexGenCAM has been a great fit ever since.
    Complex Manufacturing at a Higher Efficiency Rate with Autodesk FeatureCAM
    Designcraft Manufacturing is a leader in CNC volume milling and turning for the Aerospace, Defense and Medical industries. We specialize in producing precision products for our customers which include parts with extremely complex geometries and contouring. With over 40 years of operation under our belt, we realize the essential need for Autodesk FeatureCAM to maintain our ability to solve our customer's needs effectively and efficiently. Autodesk FeatureCAM coupled with the technical support of our partners at NexGenCAM has given us the ability to stay an industry leader.
    Rapidly Increase R&D and Production
    In business since 1994, Aimpro Tactical grew up with traditional CAD/CAM processes and machining techniques. In 2018, the team developed a new product, now covered by 2 US Patents, from which they built a prototype and completed small batches on a Prototrac DPM. Using a separate third party vendor to draw/model in Solidworks and then another to CAM out code in Mastercam or other CAM software, the company moved at what now seems like glacial speed. The challenge was to grow the product line from one specific application and dramatically increase the number of product lines and the number of units produced. This continues to grow and the team is expanding their machining and production capabilities each month. During this time, they are maintaining high-end quality and tight tolerances while minimizing scrap parts and set up times. The company's end user customers expect and demand the highest quality and Aimpro Tactical is committed to delivering only that.
    Improving CNC Programming Results
    Flotec, incorporated in 1983, creates respiratory products that enable providers to saves lives. Since the beginning, the core activity has been manufacturing for the medical, industrial, and Original Equipment Manufacturing markets. The products include: specialized regulators, pressure reducers, flow control valves, liquid oxygen valves, fill to vent valves, quick disconnect fittings, relief valves, economizers, vent to fill valves for the medical market, customized fluid power connectors, diesel fuel fittings, and their valves for the industrial market.
    Bringing Capabilities In House To Streamline Processes
    Elliott Guitars is a small boutique guitar shop that has been in business for over 16 years. We cater to musicians who expect more from the quality their guitars than the average player. As builders and musicians ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our designs and components to build the very best instruments possible. Several years ago, this process led us to the purchase of our CNC machine. In our search for better CNC design software, we were impressed by the products offered by NexGenCAM.
    Vault for CAM and NC Data
    Pyromation began operations in 1962 and has become one of the leading temperature sensor manufacturers in North America. The ISO 9001-registered firm and Lean Manufacturing Enterprise custom designs and builds thermocouples, RTDs/PT100s, thermowells and sensor assemblies to customer specifications for multiple applications around the world. Too often we see Customers whose engineering and manufacturing departments work in data silos with two main issues. Although CAD data is well controlled, the same is not true for CAM projects and NC files.
    Expanding into Advanced Machining Applications
    Founded in 1988, Hastreiter Industries (https://www.hastreiter.industries/) is a family-owned machine shop built on integrity with an ability to provide quality products on time. Hastreiter was challenged with the desire to get into more advanced machining applications including the aerospace and defense industries but did not have the proper tools for success. Lead times have been a challenge in general in the industry and the Company prided themselves in satisfying customers in this area.
    Custom Turn-Mill Post Processor
    Maple Leaf Tube acquired a Mori Sieki NL3000y/1250 mill/turn center. They were relatively new to the CNC world and needed a better post than the one in the Autodesk post library.
    5-Axis Post-Processing from Scratch
    TNT Machine & Fabrication takes pride in its outstanding full service for customers seeking help with machining and fabrication. When expanding its technology and services, TNT added a PaR 5-axis Vector Waterjet System, which required a custom post-processor. Parts were waiting to be cut, and TNT needed immediate turnaround. TNT turned to NexGenCAM for help.



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    • Specialization

      Building Architecture

      Building Architecture specialized partners are focused on Autodesk solutions and services to optimize building design through improved team collaboration, improved data handover, reduced overall design time and increased workoad capacity.

      Civil Infrastructure

      Civil Infrastructure specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for delivering successful advanced design projects that include roads, highways, bridges, railways, and/or water infrastructure requirements.

      Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

      Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk BIM solutions to improve productivity, design and fabricate better building systems, create model-based project estimates, and efficiently add MEP components to designs.

      Plant Design

      Plant Design specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to design, build and operate high performing industrial and manufacturing plants.

      Structural Engineering & Fabrication

      Structural Engineering & Fabrication specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for effective design, detailing, and creation of parts, assemblies, building systems, or structures from steel, concrete, and other materials.

      Pre-Construction Design & Planning

      Pre-Construction Design & Planning specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver BIM design authoring and collaboration, project planning and coordination, BIM data management, quantification and bid management.

      Site Construction & Operations

      Site Construction & Operations specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk Construction Cloud solutions to deliver project management, cost management, field collaboration, quality and safety management, project closeout and facilities management.

      Advanced Materials Analysis

      Advanced Materials Analysis specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver advanced simulation, injection molding and progressive failure analysis.

      Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)

      Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk digital manufacturing solutions to deliver additive manufacturing, subtractive manufacturing, and generative design.

      Industrial Design & Visualization

      Industrial Design & Visualization specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to create, analyze, visualize, and communicate design intent and aesthetics before building a physical prototype including 3D virtual prototyping for automotive design.

      Product Design & Manufacturing

      Product Design & Manufacturing specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver product performance, operational efficiency, innovation capacity and simulation fundamentals including mechanical and fluid simulation, stress analysis and finite element analysis (FEA).

      Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

      Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to manage complex product information, engineering and manufacturing workflows, and enterprise-wide collaboration for all involved in the product lifecycle - from engineering and supply chain to quality and manufacturing.

      Advanced Design

      Advanced Design specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for simulation and generative design solutions to design and engineer products with optimized aesthetics, form, fit, and function.

      Advanced Machining

      Advanced Machining specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling additional high-end machining capabilities including advanced 3- and 5-axis strategies, toolpath optimization, and process automation.

      Additive Manufacturing

      Additive Manufacturing specialized partners help customers utilize the Autodesk Fusion platform for enabling machinery to produce lighter, stronger, and better performing parts whilst also reducing material wastage and cost.

      Advanced Mill Simulation

      Advanced Mill Simulation specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions for post-processing, verification, and simulation using multi-axis milling machines.

      Media & Entertainment Industry

      Media & Entertainment Industry specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to deliver 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, and rendering.

      Production Management

      Media & Entertainment Production Management specialized partners help customers optimize Autodesk solutions to streamline creative workflows, enable resources with superior project planning and scheduling capabilities, and keep teams connected and collaborating in the cloud anytime, anywhere.