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External References in AutoCAD

Use this quick reference card to help you add externally referenced files to your drawings in AutoCAD.

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Collaborating in AutoCAD with Specialized Toolsets

Collaboration amongst team members is critical to the success of any project. From avoiding conflicts between building systems, to sharing finish specifications, effective communication and coordination is a requisite for all teams.

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The Effective Architect Part 5: Automate Your Tasks

In this 5-part series, we’re looking at 25 ways you can work smarter, not harder in 2019. In this fifth and final part, we look at how you can use the power of automation to really work effectively.

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Getting Started with Revit or Revit LT Hands-on Course

Move from 2D to BIM quickly with less design time lost on learning new software. In this hands-on course, you learn how to get started in Revit and Revit LT. From locating tools in the user interface to navigating the model, you learn the basics o...

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Understanding Worksets in Revit

Use worksharing to allow multiple users to work on different parts of one Revit project. Before creating a workshare-enabled project, you set up sharing options. The first video shows you how to configure worksharing settings before making your lo...

Construction docs autocad
Create Construction Documents in AutoCAD

Create a set of construction drawings in AutoCAD to communicate the design to construction crews and stakeholders.

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The Effective Architect Part 4: Know Your Tools

In this 5-part series, we’re looking at 25 ways you can work smarter, not harder in 2019. In Part 4, we look at how to maximize your tools to get the most out of them.

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Revit: Phasing and Design Options

Learn how to how to create view overrides that display specified design options and how to include both design options and phasing in the same model.

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