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Autodesk Account - Top 3 Tips to Get Going Quick!

by Dzan Ta, Autodesk Expert Elite and Technical Specialist on October 30, 2019

With the recent enhancements to Autodesk Account, I have found ways to get the information I need in this new experience. When I make a business purchase, I expect to start benefiting from that investment quickly, which is why I sought out to find the easiest way to access my Autodesk products. Let’s review my top  3 tips to get up and running quickly with your software in Autodesk Account, so you too can get the information you need to be productive for your team.  This cheat sheet will provide the following 3 tips:

  1. Filter tool for easy product downloading and serial number access
  2. Use bulk add to efficiently manage Users
  3. Export contract number information to stay on top of your purchases

1. Filter tool for easy product downloading and serial number access:

  • After signing into your Autodesk Account, you will see your Home with a navigation panel on the left. Click All Products & Services to see your list of assets.

  • Hover over a product and expand the “draw” using the arrow.  This will give you access to download the software and view serial numbers/product keys. Download what you need and then install.

Pro Admin Tip:  Use the Filter tool to filter your software list by standalone, network, platform and language.

2. Use bulk add to efficiently manage Users

  • Click User Management in the Navigation Panel to see all existing users.  Click Add to create a user.  Click Bulk Add to create multiple users.  Click Edit Access to modify an existing user account.  Within the Edit Access window, place checkmarks to assign products and services to users. 

Pro Admin Tip:  Use and Excel spreadsheet of email addresses for each user separated by semi-colons or a Word file with the same data to add multiple users when bulk adding. 

3. Export contract number information to stay on top of your purchases

  • In the left-hand navigation, click Contracts.  Click on one to see the details.  The details will list Contract Number, Term, Start and End Dates, etc.  If necessary, you can export this data out as a CSV file via the “Export as CSV” button.

There is a ton of information within your Autodesk Account, so be sure to use these tips to access critical information. If you need more help, feel free to watch my YouTube video: or visit the Autodesk Knowledge Network at

Admin Pro Tip: If you Ask Ava nicely, she can help you even further…

  • How do I download my software?
  • What’s my serial number?
  • How do I activate my software?
  • What is my contract number?

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