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Connect to Forge Using Postman

CSO-A-RW0003-3-2-Connect to Forge Using Postman

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Visualize Building Performance Data with Forge

1-2-Connect to Forge Using Postman



  1. Go to http://www.postman.com/downloads to download the Postman installer. Install the software after downloading it.
  2. Open the Postman application, click the “Collections” tab then the “Import” button.
  3. Browse to the dataset you downloaded for this course. Click the “Forge Building Performance.postman_collection.json” file. This will import the collection of steps to connect to Forge.
  4. Click the “Manage Environments” button on the upper right of the Postman interface.
  5. Click the “Import” button then browse to the dataset you downloaded for this course. Select the “Forge Building Performance.postman_environment.json” file. This will import the environment variables you will use to connect to Forge.
  6. Enter your Client ID and Client Secret information in the “client_id” and “client_secret” fields in the Manage Environments dialog. Click the “Reset All” button to copy the values to the “Current Value” column. Scroll down and click the “Update” button when complete.
  7. Set the current environment to “Forge Building Performance” by clicking the drop-down in the upper-right of the Postman interface.
  8. Click through the steps in the “Forge Building Performance” collection.
  9. In step 3.B, upload the “PerformanceApp.zip” file included in the dataset for this course.
  10. In step 5.B, upload the “Medical Center_2020.rvt” included in the dataset for this course.
  11. Once you complete step 6.A and the WorkItem completes process, download “resultsFile.csv” using the URL generated in step 5.D.
  12. Open the “resultsFile.csv” file in Excel and examine the extracted data.


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