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Review a Parametric Inventor Model

In this unit, you will learn how to open and review the parametric model you intend to use as a factory asset.

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Exercise: Review a Parametric Inventor Model

  1. Open the file Shelf – Heavy Duty.ipt from the dataset.

  1. Hold <Ctrl> and select Extrusion1 and Extrusiton2 from the Model Browser. Right-click and select Show Dimensions. Note the named parameters already in place for Length, Height, and Depth.

  1. Click any other feature in the browser to clear the dimensions.
  2. Open the Parameters dialog box.
  3. Review the existing parameters used for this design. Note the Depth parameter has already been set to multi-value.
  4. Adjust the value of the Depth parameter to 18" and note that the model updates automatically.

  1. Set the value for Depth back to 24".
  2. Note that the Length parameter has already been set to multi-value. Adjust the value of the Length parameter to 04'-0".

  1. Cycle through the values for Length making sure each value updates the model correctly. Return the value to 8'-0".
  2. Note the parameters marked Key and Export. Also note the user parameters for No_of_Shelves, Body_Color, and Uprights.

  1. Close the Parameters dialog box.
  2. Open the iProperties for the file and note the exported parameter values are displayed as iProperties on the Custom

  1. Select the Project Click the fx button adjacent to the Description property. Note the format of the Description field. The iProperty values for Length, Height, Depth, and Number of Shelves have been mapped to the Description property. Note the use of the equal sign (=) and the Less Than and Greater Than symbols in this formula. Press <Enter> to exit the property mapping mode.

  1. Close the iProperties dialog box.
  2. Modify the parameters for Length, Depth, and No_of_Shelves.
  3. Open the iProperties dialog box and note the updated values of the Description
  4. Return the model to the original values of 8' x 24" with 3 shelves.
  5. Open the iLogic browser. Note: You may need to select the + sign on top of the browser to activate the iLogic browser.

  1. Note the two existing rules for Color and Uprights.
  2. Right-click on the Color rule and select Edit Rule.
  3. Note the Select Case format and values used for this rule. Also note that this rule relies on the pre-existing Text parameter called Body_Color.

  1. Click Close without changing any data.
  2. Edit the Uprights rule and review the If This – Else If format used there. Close the rule without changing the data.
  3. Modify the values of the Body_Color and Uprights parameters in the Parameters dialog box. After testing various settings for Color and Upright suppression, return the shelf back to the original values.
  4. Save the file.
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