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Success Plan: Factory Layouts and Planning for Manufacturing Maturity 2

Course | Outcomes and capabilities
The ability to geometrically layout and plan factory floor space.

The ability to geometrically layout and plan factory floor space. Do you need the standardization on models to help the organisation and third party contractors with planning (3D)?

  • Any of the modules in this course will help you accomplish any of the objectives above. Simply get started in the module of your choice depending upon the technology that your team has access to.

Course modules

~20 min.
Create Autodesk Factory Design assets

This module covers the critical step of implementing Autodesk Factory Design solution - Factory Assets creation in Autodesk Inventor.

~30 min.
Factory Layout Design in 2D and 3D

The focus of this module is the core applications used in the Factory Layout process. Each of these applications are distinct members of the Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection. On their own, each application provides unique and crucial functionality in way of the Factory Layout discipline. But, Autodesk has enhanced each application with specific layout features that provides an all encompassing Factory Design Workflow. These enhancement features are called the Autodesk Factory Design Utilities. In this module, we will take a quick look at the core applications utilized in the Factory Layout process and discuss the main use of each.

~20 min.
Use Autodesk Factory Assets in Vault

This module covers the use of local and cloud Factory Assets in Vault.

~20 min.
Inventor and Revit Interoperability

This module teaches you how to utilize the latest Inventor and Revit interoperability workflows to coordinate design activities completed by manufacturing and construction professionals. You will learn how leveraging Revit Project Files in Inventor allows manufacturing design work to be completed in context and how sharing manufacturing designs as Revit project files can help provide early indication of clashes to construction professionals.

~1 min.
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