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Professional | ~2 hr. 30 min.
Upskill your team in Design Review for Manufacturing
Module | Outcomes and capabilities

Successfully Increase Your Maturity

The ability to carry out regular reviews during the design process to ensure that the design reflects requirements and intent.

Maturity level 1: Non-native file reviewing enabled for internal stakeholders

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Maturity level 2: Native file reviewing for internal and external stakeholder teams

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Maturity level 3-5: Get help with your plan

Maturity 3: Review and approval processes enabled organisation wide for any user (CAD/Non-CAD).

Maturity 4: Data insights allow for improvements to Design Review process (time/quality).

Maturity 5: Automated technology streamlines review processes with AI and machine learning to identify potential issues and offer go/no-go guidance on approvals.

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*Not sure of your team’s maturity level? Take the capability maturity assessment in the Autodesk Solution Adoption Advisor.

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