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Professional | ~15 min.
Change Order Process in Vault Professional Overview
Module | Outcomes and capabilities

In this module, you will learn the change order process used in Vault Professional to manage the release of the designs, as well as the setup involved for the change order process and the configuration options available. 

This module takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. By the end of the module, you should be able to:  

  • Describe the purpose of a change order 
  • Describe the change order process used in Vault Professional 
  • Define a routing list
  • Identify the ways a change order can be configured

Module pre-requisites 

This module requires user-level knowledge of Vault Professional and is focused on best practices and its industry applications. If you don't have experiences with this product, we recommend you take foundational training using one of the resources below: 

  • Built-in tutorials, available via in-product Help 
  • eLearning Partners
  • Authorized Training Centers 

About the author 

This module was created by Barb Nash, Product Leader – Learning Content Development, ASCENT.   

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