Associate | ~5 hr. 35 min.

Success Plan: Coordination for Architecture, Engineering and Construction Maturity 3

Course | Outcomes and capabilities
The ability to coordinate the design and trade input to ensure that the project can be executed as intended.

The ability to coordinate the design and trade input to ensure that the project can be executed as intended. Do you need to analyze and promote coordination compliance using company-wide data including assurance of early and frequent spatial, quality, and safety coordination?  

  • Any of the modules in this course will help you accomplish any of the objectives above. Simply get started in the module of your choice depending upon the technology that your team has access to.

Course modules

~20 min.
Model Coordination Setup

Welcome to Model Coordination Setup for Automatic Clash Detection. Cloud-based collaboration fundamentally changed the way the AEC industry worked by allowing various disciplines to work in a real collaborative way. The Model Coordinate module, which is included in the BIM Collaborate Pro and BIM Collaborate offerings, takes it to the next level by allowing the teams to automatically detect, review, and resolve clashes on their projects. In this module, you learn how to activate the Model Coordination service on a cloud-based project and then create one or multiple Coordination Spaces. You then understand the file formats that can be used for clash detection using the Model Coordination module. You then set up and upload Autodesk Revit models for automatic clash detection. Finally, you familiarize yourself with the Model Coordination Interface.

~1 hr.
Coaching: Reviewing, Managing, and Resolving Clashes with Revit and BIM Collaborate or Pro

Use the Issues add-on for Revit to download and review the issues created from the clashes in the Model Coordination environment on the ACC platform. Edit the clashing elements to resolve clashes and update the issue status in Revit to be reflected in the cloud workspace.

~20 min.
Reviewing, Managing, and Resolving Clashes in BIM 360

Welcome to Reviewing and Managing Clashes. Once the clashes are automatically detected in the BIM 360 Model Coordination module, you then use the tools in this module to review those clashes, create issues, or change a clash to a non-issue. You then manage the issue resolution process by downloading those issues inside Revit and actioning them.