Foundational | ~5 hr.


Course | Skill builder
InfoDrainage is a full design and analysis solution for stormwater drainage systems and hydrology simulations.

InfoDrainage is an advanced full design and analysis solution used to design and audit drainage systems. It delivers speedy, sustainable, cost-effective, and compliant designs with tailored reports for compliance that accelerates the building information modeling (BIM) cycle.

InfoDrainage provides a true-to-site view where users can see the accurate extent of a pond, how the under-drain connects swales, and the exact lengths of pipes. The technology includes built-in detailed hydraulic analysis for pipes, manholes, storage, and green infrastructure to reduce the risk of flooding downstream. 
It also offers templates that make designing drainage systems easy, and validation tools that provide solutions to potential problems.
InfoDrainage easily integrates with Civil 3D, allowing for round-trip interoperability to update pipe networks and surfaces. Its 3D view allows users to display objects in 3D with real-time animations. It is recommended that users dedicate a video card with at least 1 GB of VRAM to support this. 

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Prepare surface models for drainage design.
  • Add and connect drainage system objects to the model, developing a flow path.
  • Design pipe systems to meet maximum rainfall intensities and stormwater controls to prevent overflow.
  • Design for sustainable drainage systems and exceedance.
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Course modules

~20 min.
Getting Started
Course Module

Learn how to use the InfoDrainage interface and how to import surface and background data.

~1 hr. 20 min.
Model Build

Build an InfoDrainage model using Inflows, Junctions, Stormwater Controls, and Connections.

~45 min.
InfoDrainage Pipe Design

Design pipes accurately for both no-surcharge and no-flood criteria.

~30 min.
InfoDrainage Data Import

Import data from many sources into a drainage model.

~15 min.
InfoDrainage Limitation of Discharge

Limit the amount of discharge from a drainage system.

~1 hr.
InfoDrainage Pond Design

Design a pond for stormwater control.

~40 min.
SuDs Design

Incorporate sustainable drainage systems – or SuDS – into a water drainage model.

~10 min.
Exporting Results From InfoDrainage

Export project results, including to CAD, GIS, text, LandXML, and MicroDrainage.

~20 min.
Flooding simulation

Simulating flooding situations to check the model for extreme conditions.

~15 min.
InfoDrainage 3D Views

Navigate the model in the Plan View while 3D viewing mode is active.

~20 min.
Pipe Design Additional Requirements

Pipe design to tie in with existing infrastructure.

~46 min.
Interoperability between InfoDrainage and Civil 3D

Discover the InfoDrainage plug-in to Civil 3D, and learn the workflow that can take your stormwater pipe design from Civil 3D to InfoDrainage and back again.