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Insert Families

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1-5 Insert Families – Practice Exercise

In this exercise, we will insert the selected families based on the letter pattern.

Task 1: Load Spring Nodes package

  1. Check your node library to see if the “Springs” package is installed.


  1. If you do not see it, click “Packages” in the menu bar then click “Search for a Package”.
  2. Type “spring nodes” in the search bar.
  3. Click the download arrow next to “Spring Nodes” in the results window to install the package.

Task 2: Insert Families by host

  1. Click the “Springs” package in your node library then click the “Revit” category. Scroll to the “AW Family Instance” subcategory and click the “ByHostAndPoint” node to add it to your script.
  2. Connect the output from the Select Model Element node to the “host” input of the ByHostAndPoint node.
  3. Connect the output from the Switch node to the “type” input.
  4. Connect the output from the Point.Add node to the “point” input.
  5. Switch to Revit and confirm the window pattern was inserted into the wall.

Task 3: Modify the pattern

  1. Adjust the Number Slider to try different spacing options for the window pattern. What spacing do you think works best?
  2. Modify the letter pattern you defined in exercise 1.3. Try an A-B-C-C and an A-B-B-C pattern. Which pattern do you like best?
  3. To create a fixed number of windows, insert a PointsAtEqualSegmentLength node and swap it out with the Curve.PointsAtSegmentLengthFromPoint node. Use an Integer Slider to set the “divisions” input. Which spacing do you like better? Fixed number or fixed distance?
  4. Adjust the length of the wall in Revit to see how the pattern continues.
  5. Click the save button to save your script file.  

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