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Reference Plans

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Adding Reference Planes to a model. Reference planes work very well as a replacement for structural grids. Especially when it comes to massing.

Before you get started, download the files from the Files drop-down in the toolbar.

To add reference planes to a model, follow these steps.

1- Open Revit.

2- Open your architectural model.

3- Go to the Roof Floor Plan.

4- Go to the Architecture tab.

5- On the Work Plane tab, click the Ref Plane button.

6- Under Subcategory, click the dropdown and select

7- Under Modify Subcategories, click New.

8- Call it Garden Roof.

9- Make the color Red

10- Make the Line Pattern Dash Dot 3/16.

11- Hit OK.

12- Type VG.

13- Go to Annotation Categories.

14- Turn on Reference Planes.

15- Draw a reference plane as shown below.

16- Select the reference plane and label it Garden-01 as shown below.


17- Copy the reference plane as shown below.


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