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Working with Design Options
Now we can freely work in our options while everyone else can simply ignore us!
If you haven't already in the previous exercise, download the dataset.
To work with elements on design options, follow along.
  1. Open Revit. 
  2. Open your architectural model.
  3. At the bottom of the screen, make the Flat Roof option current:
  4. Delete the roof.
  5. Go to the roof plan.
  6. On the Architecture tab, click the Roof button:
  7. Select Basic Roof Canopy Roofing.
  8. Set the Base Offset from Level to 8’-0”:
  9. Uncheck Defines Slope
  10. Change the Overhang to 2’-0”
  11. Click Pick Walls on the Draw Panel.
  12. Pick all four walls as shown:
  13. Click Finish Sketch.
  14. Click Yes to attach the Highlighted walls to the roof.
  15. Go to a 3D view.
  16. On the Massing and Site tab, click Show Mass Form and Floors.
  17. Select Show Mass by View Settings:

  18. Change the current option to Main Model. That will change it back to the more expensive and harder to install roof.
There you go. That is how you work in Options.
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