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Creating Building Component Schedules for Sheets

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Creating Building Component Schedules for Sheets – Practice Exercise

In this practice you will create a schedule, select the parameters we want to display in the schedule (these are also called fields), and reorder the fields in the list. You will review the information that is automatically applied in the schedule view. Then you will place the schedule on a sheet and modify the widths of the columns. While this practice focuses on a duct system schedule, the methodology for creating any building component schedule is the same.

Task 1: Create a Building Component Schedule

1.    Open the practice file,  Small Medical Center-Schedule.rvt. The  project opens in the 01 Ground Floor HVAC Plan view.

2.    Review the duct systems for supply, return, and exhaust systems.

3.    In the View tab> Create panel, expand Schedules and select Schedule/ Quantities…

4.    In the New Schedule dialog box set the Filter list to Mechanical and select the Duct Systems Category, as shown below. Accept the default value for the Name and verify that Schedule building components is selected.


5.    Click OK.

6.    The Schedule Properties dialog box displays with the Fields tab selected.

7.    Expand the Select available fields from:  drop-down list. Notice that you can choose from Duct Systems and Project Information. Select Duct Systems.

8.     In the Available fields list select the fields listed below. You can either double-click on the name or select and click Add parameter(s).

·      System Name

·      System Classification

·      Number of Elements

·      Flow

·      System Equipment

·      Description

9.    In the Scheduled fields (in order) list use the Move Parameter Up and Move Parameter Down buttons to reorder the fields as shown below.


10.Click OK.

11. The new Duct System Schedule displays, as shown below.


12.Save the project.

Task 2. Place the Schedule on a Sheet

1.    In the Project Browser, expand Sheets and double-click on M601 -Mechanical Schedules.

2.    In the Project Browser, expand Schedules/Quantities (all).

3.    Drag Duct System Schedule to the sheet.

4.    Zoom in and use the controls to change the width of the columns, as shown below.


5.    Return to the Duct System Schedule view. The column width updates in the schedule view as well.

6.    Type a Description in one of the cells. Notice this will apply to all elements of the type, as shown below.


7.    Switch back to the sheet view and the Description is included here as well.

8.    Save the project.

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