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Rendering Views (6:04 min)

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Rendering is actually the easiest part. Once the view is created, the materials are assigned, and the lighting is in place, you’re just a click away! To render a scene, follow along with these steps.

1. Open Revit.

2. Open your model.

3. Open the perspective view you wish to render.

4. Go to the View Tab.

5. Click the Render button as shown in the image below.

6. In the Render dialog, change Quality Settings Resolution to Printer and 150 DPI

7. Lighting: Interior: Sun and Artificial

8. Background: Sky: Very Cloudy

9. Click the Render button

10. Ignore any warning you may get about missing materials.

11. Your rendering should look similar to below.

12. Under Image, click Adjust Exposure.


13. Adjust the settings so the image is how you like it as shown below.


14. Click OK.

15. Click Save to Project.

16. Name it whatever you want.

17. Click Export

18. Save it as a TIFF and name it whatever you want.

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