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Creating and Applying Materials (9:41 min)

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Revit gives us a ton of materials, but a ton simply isn’t enough. Sometimes we need to just make our own! There are a few ways to do it. The way I’d like to do it here is to use an image and map it to a new material. To create a material, follow along with these steps.

1. Open Revit.

2. Open any model you wish to create a perspective view. I’m going to open my architectural model.

3. Go to the Manage tab.

4. Click the Manage Materials button.

5. At the bottom of the dialog, click the New Material button.

6.  Select Create New Material.

7. Right click and rename the material to Red Fabric

8. Click the Appearance tab

9. Under Image, click the text that says (no image selected) as shown below.

10. Browse to a red material (or any material you chose)

11. Set the transparency to 40 percent.

12. You now have a nice shiny new material!

13. See the image below.

14. Click OK, and you are all set!

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