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Configuring Project Info (5:30 min)

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Configuring Project Information

Since Revit puts the “I” in BIM. I suppose it puts the “B” and the “M” in there too, but this quick lesson will focus on the “I” for Information. Adding project information is the perfect wat to illustrate this.

To configure project information, follow these steps.

Before you get started, download the files from the Files drop-down in the toolbar.

  1. Open Revit. I’m going to open our architectural model.
  2. In the Project Browser, find Sheets (all) and open a sheet. I’m going to open A101 Ground Floor Plan.
  3. Zoom into the information in the titleblock.
  4. Select the titleblock. Notice most of the text turns blue.
  5. Click where it says Revit 2014 Dataset Model.
  6. Click the text again so you are actually editing the text.
  7. Rename it to AUTODESK A-TOWN
  8. Change the date to October 31 2020
  9. Drawn by: you
  10. Checked by: you
  11. Go to the Manage tab
  12. Click Project Information
  13. Fill out the information as shown.
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