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Configuring Database Annotations (4:31 min)

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What is a Database Annotation?

Since we have cut sections and elevations, we were able to drag those onto a sheet. But how does the annotation family know exactly what to display?

To see how sections and elevations work, follow these steps.

  1. Open Revit. 
  2. Go to Families, then to open.
  3. Go to Annotations
  4. Open Section Head - Filled.rfa
  5. Click on the number 1.
  6. Click Edit Label.
  7. Notice this is the Detail Number parameter. This will correspond with that number once you drag that view onto a sheet.
  8. Click Cancel
  9. Close out of the annotation family.
  10. Open your architectural model.
  11. Go to a plan view.
  12. Select a section.
  13. Click Edit Type
  14. Click into Section Tag
  15. Notice it is using the family we just looked at.

So it makes sense that if we want to modify our section heads, our elevation markers, and our call out tags, we need to make a new family, and use that family in our model.

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